Getting Pregnant in the 40s: What does Reality hold

Getting Pregnant in the 40s: What does Reality hold

Celebrities first seek a fortune worth millions and billions before embarking on children. Well, many aren’t that attached to children, but with time, they find that adoption isn’t the best option when you have a uterus. Female celebrities like Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, Celine Dion among others have welcomed children in their 40s.

Scientifically, a woman’s odds of getting pregnant reduce with age and the possibility of becoming pregnant in the 40s isn’t a sure deal. 10% of women in their early 40s can naturally become pregnant while others can’t

Some others can get pregnant through the assisted reproductive techniques like IVF where the eggs and the sperms are joined in the laboratory. However, many women in their mid-40s and above have to use donor eggs

What are the chances of getting pregnant in Your 40s

Female fertility is like a slope with its highest point in teens, twenties and early 30s for some women (20%). I bet, any fertility doctor or obstetrician would advise a couple to wait until 40s to have children

The woman’s body is more powerful to hold the pressure, hormonal changes and constraints while in the 20s and early 30s. Childbearing in the 40s will push your body to the edge, increasing the chances of miscarriage, blood pressure, gestational, down syndrome, and complications

Due to unbearable circumstances, for example, infertility and financial constraints, that is when one may wait to have children but under the guidance of a fertility expert.

Egg Quality and Number

Women lose multiple eggs in a year through menstruation and from the 500,000 eggs that one may have, you will be left with approximately 10,000 eggs that are of poor quality. This is why women in 40s have to attain fertility treatment in India to boost the number of eggs for fertilization

Likewise, your partner’s sperms are perhaps too old, weak, and less to fertilize the egg. The rate of chromosomal defects is 60% in this age considering your age and your partner’s age. The Autism Spectrum disorder is also a possibility

Your gynae will advise you to have detailed fetal screenings (Cell-free fetal DNA blood testing and multiple ultrasounds).

Is it Right OR Wrong to get pregnant in the 40s

This depends on personal decisions, but medical doctors will obviously help you get pregnant if that is one’s desire. The fertility expert will guide you through the period illustrating the pros and cons to make the best decision.

Surrogacy can be considered in case one isn’t helped through fertility treatments at the IVF centre in India.

The fact remains that the chances of naturally getting pregnant even with Clomids and gonadotropin are few.

Getting pregnant in the 40s may be a wise decision with the fact that you are financially established and ready to settle down and care for your family. At this age, breastfeeding isn’t a problem for a woman may no longer be interested in showcasing her body in swimsuits and so on.

Above all, visit Dr.Sofat, the leading fertility expert in India for quality advice regarding fertility.

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