Growing Infertility Cases- Where to Run To?

Growing Infertility Cases- Where to Run To?


Infertility cases in both males and females are saddening with the fact that a majority of couples can’t afford the contemporary infertility treatments, normally provided in infertility centres. The ratio of male and female infertility is now predicted to be 30: 50 respectively, but one major concern today is the rising rate of male infertility.

Cases of male infertility circle around sperms, something that is vital for fathering and mother healthy children. Sperm impairments in males that are normally caused by smoking, chemical exposure, and alcoholism can compromise with future human existence.

How can sperms affect future human existence?

How can sperms affect future human existence?

Women are mainly recipients since they can’t get pregnant without a male sperm. This means that for fertilization to occur, viable sperms must be present for conception.

Certain sperm impairments are also solicited for the increasing rate of miscarriages in women, either in IVF or natural conceptions.

Male sperm issues such as Oligospermia, Azoospermia, and Aspermia are a vivid threat to human existence in the future. According to a major review of the latest scientific studies, sperm counts have plunged by 60% in the last 40 years.

Fertility experts explain that humans may face extinction as there is still less effort done to improve male fertility.

In a report published in Journal Human Reproduction, researchers explained that the various causes of the diminishing sperm counts and related parameters are;

  • Pesticides

  • Body Mass Index

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

  • Stress

  • Chemical exposure (endocrine disrupting chemicals)

  • Poor eating habits among others

The various reasons for the increasing male infertility rates are majorly taken for granted such as smoking. More than 50% of the Indian male population smokes or involved in the use of illicit drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and supplements that compromise with their sperm production

Late marriages also hinder early births since a man’s sperm concentration and count reduces with age just as women have a biological clock.

The implications of all these are felt in the late stage as couples struggle to start a family, something that would cost millions, time, that can also leave some couples broken

Major solutions to male infertility

Major solutions to male infertility

  • Balanced diet

Males should consider having home prepared meals rather than sticking to fast foods or restaurant foods. These foods may contain more spices, salt, and fats that increase cholesterol levels, blood pressure and increased blood sugar in the case of processed foods

Reduce caffeine intake, potatoes, Soy, and generally processed foods. Replace these foods with fruits, green leafy vegetables, water, and nuts

  • Living an Active life & Regular Exercises

The more a man lives a sedentary life the more chances cultivated for obesity, unhealthy body mass index, and engaging in poor habits like smoking and alcoholism.

Regular exercises are generally advised for a healthy body and they also aid in improving blood flow. Pelvic exercises are recommended for improving semen flow

  • Sperm Banking

In case certain of a late marriage, one may choose to bank his sperms in a fertility centre while still young. These sperms will later be used for IU, ICSI or IVF treatments in the case of male infertility in the future