HCG level: What 10 things you need to know about the HCG levels?

HCG – The Pregnancy hormone

What is HCG level?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and it is also known as pregnancy hormone which is made of cells formed in the placenta and it even helps in nourishing the eggs after fertilization and get attached to the uterine wall. 

  • You are expecting and it is in the blood

HCG which is pregnancy hormone is produced by the placenta once you have conceived. HCG reading is picked up by the HPTS in 11 or 12 days once the embryo enters the uterus. But, with a blood test, this can be detected very early.

  • Will it get double?

Roughly the HCG level will get double in 48 to 72 hours. But you need to be too obsessed with this as it is not an exact science.

  • Focus on the rising numbers

Initially, if the HCG level is very low, you should not lose hope. In the fertility patients, knowing when the conception occurred in the main worry. Testing at an early stage will give a low score. So, you need to wait as 85% of the time it does get double.

  • Low or High – it doesn’t matter

As mentioned above the high and low score does not make any sense. But is the HCG level is very low then it means miscarriage, blighted ovum, or ectopic pregnancy. If the numbers are very high then it might indicate molar pregnancy or multiples.

  • Book your scan

Make sure you book your ultrasound scan by 6.5 weeks. By this time, the HCG level will be at 2,000 mIU/ml and may be higher. At this point, you can hear and see the heartbeat of the baby. So, get a scan and do not focus too much on the HCG score.

  • Be careful with Trigger

In case, you have undergone the treatment of IVF, then there is no need to test early. This is because the HCG can stay in the blood for days which can even lead to false results. If there is any problem you can facing then visit our fertility doctor to get the best treatment of Test tube baby in India.

  • Avoid the HCG calculators

Mostly the online calculators give inaccurate results. This is true that they won’t give the attention and care the doctor gives. HCG level slows down naturally which is not taken into account by the online calculators.

  • Best option is fast numbers

In the first few days if the level rise by 50 to 60 percent then also it is perfect.

  • Careful about Ectopic pregnancy

These levels can trigger ectopic pregnancy. In the case of fertility treatment, this is higher. If it goes down, the pregnancy will end.

  • There is nothing as ‘Normal’

Keep in mind there is nothing as normal level. Make sure you are seeking the help of the doctor as they can give you accurate results.

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