High Sugar Consumption during Pregnancy: Right or Wrong

High Sugar Consumption during Pregnancy: Right or Wrong

It has been known from one generation to another that women crave for many things during pregnancy. Their habits may change a lot in various ways. You may find that what she used to like before pregnancy, she may hate it after conception or yearn for it more than before. The numerous changes are due to hormonal imbalances and that’s what we call a woman.

According to the renowned gynecologist and a fertility expert at the leading IVF Centre in India, Dr. Sumita Sofat, a woman should have whatever she desires because that’s part of being pregnant, but should mind what she craves for since she may harm her unborn child indirectly.

A regular good balanced diet is advised for a pregnant woman, but she must reduce the foods with high sugar levels. During pregnancy, the appetite for different foods like chocolates, pizzas, sweets, cakes, ice cream, among others, will always be present, but one should weigh the benefits and the disadvantages.

From a research, fertility experts have found that high sugar consumption increases the chances of the unborn to develop asthma after birth. This was found in the women who crave more for processed foods and beverages. For asthma to occur, scientists found that the high sugars consumed lead to a high fructose level and in the case of the baby, it may cause an inflammation of the lungs.

Ideally, high fructose levels in an individual may cause liver damage and also leads to insulin resistance in the liver. Obviously, the sugars are expected to cause weight gain by 50% in case a woman continues to crave for more sugary stuff throughout her pregnancy. In addition, this weight may become difficult to get rid of once a woman delivers.

Other side effects of high sugars

  • You are putting your blood vessels as well as your child’s blood vessels to get altered and this increases the of heart diseases.

  • It may cause the child’s genes to be at a greater risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

  • It can damage the cells.

Therefore, healthy sugars and only the adequate sugars for the body function should be consumed in a day. A pregnant woman may inquire from the fertility expert to know the right diet and the amount of sugars to consume on a daily basis.

On the other hand, craving for certain foods may indicate something missing in the body, for example, women who crave for ice and frequently chew ice it is linked to anemia. Your fertility expert may recommend you for a test to provide the necessary treatment or home remedies including the right diet.

Conception after infertility treatment in India may come along with certain side effects and it is advisable that a woman must take caution at every stage of her pregnancy. Talk to your fertility expert about the right diet that won’t harm you as well as your baby.

Carvings are completely normal, but a high extent may result in unwanted health problems for you and your baby.

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