How difficult is to choose the best IVF – fertility centre in India?

How difficult is to choose the best IVF - fertility center in India

IVF is the advanced procedure of ensuring the pregnancy through artificial conception. It is the result-oriented lab-based procedure of getting pregnant but the choice of the best fertility center in India for IVF can make a huge difference to the after treatment results. But there are many IVF centers in India so choosing the best center for treatment can be a difficult task for anyone.

For researching the reputed and best IVF clinic then you can collect the information from following sources

  • You can take information from the various websites of the IVF centers an ca know about different centers and choose accordingly.
  • You can even have some relevant information from the CDC’s fertility clinic report page.
  • You can get information from your colleagues, relatives, or friends by asking about the center from where they get treatment.
  • Even the former and current patients can also give you much information about the particular center.
  • Meeting personally with the doctor and clinic representative can also help you to get the relevant information about the center.

After listing out the various centers then it is the time to pick them one by one and collect the information about these shortlisted centers so that you could reach the perfect decision.  For choosing the best center you can consider the following pointers

  • Not all the centers are authorized and certified for performing IVF procedure so ask for the authorization and certification for the procedure and choose only the reliable clinic.
  • Collect some information about the IVF doctor like qualification, experience, certification, the success ratio of performing IVF procedure so that you could know about the doctor whether he or she is best for you or not?
  • Other staff of the IVF hospital or center also matters a lot for having the quality treatment so ask about the supporting staff, technicians or about the IVF team.
  • Ask for the available treatments in the center like IUI, ICSI so that you could know that whether the center can give you customized treatment depending on your case and infertility issue.
  • Even collect some information whether the center has any facility for using the donor eggs, sperms or donor embryo. Even some centers also provide the option of surrogacy.
  • Do not forget to ask about the available technology to be used for IVF treatment and other facilities offered by the center.
  • Cost is also an important issue to ask so asks for the cost of treatment and compare it with the quality and success rates of the treatment and take the rational decision.