How do you need to get pregnant when you are trying for a long time?

How do you need to get pregnant when you are trying for a long time

In this blog, we are going to mention in detail what needs to be done if you are trying to conceive but not able to get the results. Make sure that you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to get a better understanding of your condition.

What are the different tests to identify the barriers while getting pregnant?

  • Blood tests
  • Semen analysis
  • Physical examination

How the fertility treatment journey is started?

First of all, make sure the fertility evaluation is done by a competent specialist. She is going to ask you different questions and according she will tell you what needs to be done to treat your condition.

  • The process will start by doing blood work and vaginal ultrasound of a female. In some cases, an X-ray test needs to be done which is HSG to check the health of fallopian tubes.
  • For female partner semen analysis done along with thorough evaluation. This way the right treatment plan can be given to you.
  • In many cases, the doctor can start with medications to increase ovulation. Sometimes IUI is combined along with it.

Many patients are not aware that IVF can be considered the best fertility treatment option. Moreover, it can be the fertility expert’s first choice to increase your conception chances.

What do you need to know about IVF?

NO doubt, the IVF treatment has advanced a lot with time and the working of the treatment has improved a lot. This fertility treatment has a higher success rate and this treatment does not affect the health of babies and mothers.

Many years back, the treatment resulted in triplets or twins because more than one embryo was transferred hoping the implantation will be successful. With time a lot has changed in technology as there is now SET (Single Embryo Transfer) and FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) as well as genetic screening.

Why preimplantation genetic screening is beneficial?

With preimplantation genetic testing helps to test the embryo for chromosomal problems before deciding which embryo needs to be transferred. If the embryo is selected with chromosomal issues then it can result in miscarriage, affects the baby after birth, and different issues. So, preimplantation genetic testing is an effective option to increase the chances of conception.

How to improve your fertility?

  • Smoking can affect ovaries function during IVF and even affect the health of the fetus & baby. Also, smoking affects sperm health. You need to limit the use of smoking to increase conception chances.
  • Also, alcohol consumption needs to be eliminated if you are trying to conceive. Its consumption can affect sexual function and reproductive health. So, make sure to avoid alcohol before and during the treatment.
  • If you are overweight then it can lead to infertility. Make sure to make changes in the diet and prepare your body for pregnancy.

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