How I got twins out of IVF treatment


I always desired to have twins in my life, but when I realized that I suffered from infertility, my dreams were shuttered. It took me time to really believe that I was infertile and I even blamed my husband for infertility at times. Who was the victim? It was both of us since our dreams were getting buried each day.

I searched for treatment and my husband joined me at times. We heard of Dr. Sofat and her infertility centre and the wonderful work she has done for her patients. I told my husband about the doctor and he accepted to join me during the consultation.

Our first consultation seemed like we were entering a battleground. I saw many other patients and I told my husband that we are not alone. During the consultation, I told Dr. Sofat that I desired twins and she told me that it would be possible with IVF treatment, but it would be a long journey. Of course, we were ready for anything because we knew what we wanted.

I conceived but had a caesarean delivery and it was twins (a girl and a boy). My children are now two years old and they are happy and healthy. Thanks to you Dr. Sofat.