How is Infertility and hair loss problem linked to each other?

infertility and hair loss

Hair Loss & Infertility: Is there any relation between the two?

When I talk about these conditions, its increasing prevalence rate is enough to tell the problem demands attention. But the concern is, ‘How are these linked?’

Studies have shown that MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) occurs when hormones are not in a balanced state. When the hormones are not balanced, the body will begin to react differently. It’s not just hair loss, but reproductive health can take a downfall in this situation. If you are having problems getting pregnant naturally, then medical assistance from one of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab can improve your chances of conception. Consulting the medical expert will allow you to strike a balance in everything and consider what’s right for you.  

How are female hair loss and infertility linked to each other?

Do you think about female hair loss and infertility? Here is the breakdown of the entire information on the same. 

When hormonal changes occur, the richness seen in healthy hair will take a downfall. There are high chances when testosterone increases & DHT male pattern baldness occurs. Moreover, there is the issue of balding & diminished hair growth over time. If your hair loss has reached the stage where nothing is helping you, then the option of a Hair Transplant in Punjab will make your hair locks get in the right state. 

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Hair Loss and PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Disorder is one of the common conditions in women. In this condition, ovaries get swollen & which starts to trigger the healthy eggs, which are a crucial factor for conception. 

PCOS is the problem linked to hormones, a contributory factor for hair loss. It’s not just hair fall, but it leads to hair growth on different body parts. 

How are female hair loss and infertility linked to each other?

One of the studies has shown that ‘Men with severe baldness have seen a 60% decline in sperm count.’ On the other hand, mild baldness has seen a decline of 20% in sperm count. 

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An increase in testosterone triggers male baldness

With the rise in male hormones, having MPB is higher. As testosterone & DHT are not balanced in the body, it increases the total span of telogen, which is the hair shedding phase of the hair growth cycle. 

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