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Modern reproductive methods have become a boon for the couples who always dreamt of having a biological child. There are many reproductive techniques such as sperm donation, egg donation, In-Vitro Fertility, surrogacy that have come as a respite to the infertile parent.

How to distinguish between IVF and test tube baby?

There are many questions regarding similarity and dissimilarity between test tube baby and IVF baby. Many people pose a question about whether both are same or there is any difference between the two.

The answer to this question is NO.

The term test tube baby came into use because the embryo was formed in a test tube instead of the fallopian tubes. It was a common term for the people to use and thus this term became widespread among the people. The technical term for this, however, remains to be IVF that is, in-vitro fertility. The two are not different from each other at all. IVF and test tube babies are the terms that can be used interchangeably for each other.


Let us know what IVF is.

The process of in-vitro fertilization encompasses the fertilization of egg and sperm in a petri-dish outside the body that is why it is called in-vitro and when the fertilization takes place inside the body it is known as in-vivo. The misconception is not being cleared even by one of the test tube baby centers. Rather, sometimes they are the ones who create this rumor.

In the process of IVF, the egg is combined with a sperm outside the human body or the human womb. After the embryo is formed, it is transferred to the woman’s uterus and the fertilization process continues as usual.

It is important to know whether it is called test tube baby or IVF baby, the child is a human and takes birth as well as continues to live his life like a human. The IVF did not have much acceptance earlier but now with the rising cases of infertility or inability to keep the child in the womb, it is becoming widely used and accepted. People are now opening up about IVF and talking about it. They want to gain more and more information about this. The infertile parents are visiting the physicians to get a consultation about IVF and know whether they are eligible to become parents through IVF.

It has brought a ray of hope in the lives of all those couples who always wanted to have a child of their own but could not have. Now, couples are adopting various reproductive techniques to fulfill their desire of becoming parents and enjoying parenthood.
All in all, it is a sheer myth that IVF and test tube baby are different ideologies. Medical science does not discriminate between and thus, they are not at all dissimilar to each other.

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