How IVF Has Changed The World From Louise Brown Till Date?

How IVF Has Changed The World From Louise Brown Till Date?

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? I am very excited today. Why? Well! The reason being that Twins day is nearing and I am tensed, as to what will I do on that special day to make it more special for my twinsters, why don’t you leave some comments/ suggestions on what can be done. I’ll be more than happy!! (All those of you who are reading my post for the first time, I would like to tell you all that I am a proud and happy mother to twin girls), the rest of you very well know that (at least by going through my posts, you do).

So today, in dedication to all the multiple kids or rather test tube babies, to be more precise, I post something on them. So let’s get started

Do you have any idea on the first test tube baby? Well! She’s quite famous; she called Louise Brown, who turns 40 this July 25th (wow! Makes me realise even I am aging and getting old)The impact that IVF created back in 1978, still continues and rather exceeds with what was earlier, imagine 40 tears( no! Am certainly not telling my age, my saying that I am ageing is enough for you guys to guess my age).

1. Customizing fertilization in a shallow dish.

It looks very outdated, if we today call a child born by medical techniques or IVF so as to say), a test tube baby. The method of Assisted reproduction has become so common, nowadays, can you imagine how many babies are born per year, not less than 6 million babies, all this while, there is nothing so great in having pregnant by IVF (in layman’s language, “in – vitro” refers to glass), if not more than at least 3- 6% of babies are born using this method.

Besides, the fact that it didn’t receive so much good feedback from people (when doctors researched and found this method, back in sometime 60’s), it has started getting quite good feedback, now.

The first time doctors tried working on it, in 1969, many people went against it.

But, by the time, Louise Brown was born; many people’s perception had changed. People now, saw a “test tube” baby, like any normal one.

There were praises from all across the globe, people couldn’t stop praising the team of doctors performing the surgery, and neither could they stop praising Louise Brown, the sweet little baby.

2. It is being practised at many places

Soon after the first baby becomes a success, it becomes known to all that fertility is going to become a full-time business, big time! There was scope for those people also, who earlier used to suffer in silence, to go and get them treated. The doctors were in full demand, by now!

3 Opened new pathways for human fertilization

It created more fertile eggs than are actually implanted in the uterus; IVF is able to produce “spare embryos” that can be used, with permission, for their researchers.