How IVF treatment has evolved since the first baby was born 40 years ago?

Changes made in the IVF treatment

Over 40 years ago, Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe were the first couples to successfully conceive with IVF (the conventional name was tested tube baby) and they named the baby Louise Joy Brown’s. Since then there is no looking back as it has given hope of parenthood to many couples who are not able to conceive naturally.

No doubt, lot of experiments were conducted and then only now we are able to witness which no one of us might have ever thought of.

Ray of hope to an infertile couple

Continuously change shave been made to make the entire treatment better. Many couples are experiencing the issue of infertility and they fear they won’t be able to enjoy parenthood.

There are many couples who are preserving fertility so that they can get pregnant later in life. This is because fertility decline with age which means the egg quality decreases this have been helpful for many couples also. While undergoing the treatment, you need to keep in mind that you have to maintain your health properly and focus on your diet also.

Also, keep in mind that you have select the best doctor for the treatment as this will also make a lot of difference. If you facing issue then you should visit the best test tube baby Centre in Ludhiana.

The process of preserving the embryo or egg have been helpful along with IVF treatment. Moreover, the method of sperm donation or frozen testicular tissue is also helpful. The issue of infertility is not only with women men also experience this issue. The first baby was born with frozen sperm in the 1950s and since then it has helped to solve the issue of male infertility.

In case, the male partner is diagnosed with infertility ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is used along with IVF. In ICSI, the sperm is injected directly into the egg. After that, they are kept for fertilization and the embryo is formed which is part of IVF. Once the embryo is formed it is transferred back to the woman’s reproductive tract.

So, it means it is possible both men and women can preserve their fertility as the technology has advanced a lot. Additionally, the treatment of IUI is also helpful in some cases when the sperm is not able to reach the women ovaries. In this process, the sperm is directly placed in the women’s reproductive tract so that they can meet the egg for fertilization.

Preserve fertility before the medical condition

Patients who are facing medical condition are at risk of losing fertility. Those who are diagnosed with chemotherapy can preserve the egg or sperm so that it can be used later. The treatment has definitely been a ray of hope to many couples. Make sure you consult the fertility specialist at the right time so that they can start the treatment as soon as possible.

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