How Laboratory Conditions Can Lead to Successful IVF Treatment?

How Laboratory Conditions Can Lead to Successful IVF Treatment?

In Vitro Fertilization is the revolutionary method in which women eggs are removed and fertilized with sperms in a lab for the successful pregnancy so the conditions of laboratory can make difference to the success of this treatment

Even there are some couples that fail to experience parenthood even after several IVF cycles only due to the unfavorable laboratory conditions.

Only the standardized conditions that mimic the womb like conditions can ensure the successful pregnancy after this lab procedure.

Impact of Environment on the Embryo

Standardized IVF laboratory conditions are key to success of IVF procedure there the lab for this procedure must be designed in such a way that it could provide the optimum environment for the development of embryo that could result into successful pregnancy.

It is important to prevent the embryos from the unforeseen and unexpected harsh environmental contaminations like mix of dust, pesticides, perfumes, volcanic ash, smoke, mold and bacteria that could impact adversely to quality of embryo so maintaining environment and air quality can be biggest challenge for the IVF labs.

Closed working chambers are solution for optimum environment

EmCell closed working chambers help to provide the optimum environment for the development of embryos during the IVF process. These chambers provide the standardized conditions that are closest to the womb of mother so lead to formation of good quality embryo. Closed chambers provide the controlled temperature and gas mixture that are exactly the same as the fetus feel in womb.

With 6% level of CO2 and 5% level of O2 and controlled temperature of 37 degree centigrade, these chambers ensure the best quality development of embryo and prevent the egg from thermal shock due to not stabilized and harsh conditions that can lead to poor quality of embryo.

So these working chambers are like the womb of mother in which fetus feel safe so these ensure the successful pregnancy in IVF treatment.

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