How Male Obesity Affects The Fertility Of Men?

How Male Obesity Affects The Fertility Of Men?

Male infertility is the most drastic situation in most of the childless couples. There are large numbers of the factors that are responsible for male infertility. Factors include bad lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and sedentary life style. This will not only affect you at the physical level but it is also affected at the mental level.

Male obesity is also the main cause of male infertility. This is the recent trend that male obesity has adversely affected the reproductive organ of the man. This will leads to the problem of the low sperm quality and there may be less germ cell in the testes.

Obesity is the world-wide issue. It affects the 1.6 billion of the people all over the world. From the last few decades, the obesity level in reproductive age men is tripled. The obesity is closely linked with male infertility as it increases the numbers of the couples to consult the various IVF centers for the artificial reproductive technologies. You can consult the best IVF centre in India for the best male infertility treatment in India.

How male obesity affects the fertilization of the male?

Following are the points that will help you to link the relationship between the male obesity and male infertility:

  • Changed the oocyte: Male obesity has changed the oocyte that adversely affects the development and growth of the embryo. This will lead to fewer chances of the pregnancy.

  • Requires more time in conception: This also reduces the chances of the pregnancy in the next IVF centre. Researchers show that the excessive weight has reduced the chances of conception. This will also require more time in conception

  • Affects blastocyst growth: In some extent, this will also lower the blastocyst growth, sperm binding, and the fertilization level. This will create problems in the conception.

  • Affects the metabolic syndrome: The main reason for the male infertility is the metabolic syndrome. This will also lead to the problem of male infertility.

  • Produces extra estrogen: Fats are the major cause of producing the extra estrogen. Excess of everything is bad. This will also affect the functioning of the testicles. This will create the disturbance in the circulation of the test tone

  • Erectile dysfunction: This will also lead the problem of the erectile dysfunction in men. This will also lead to the lower production of the sperms. Reduction in weight will boost up the androgen level in the male. This will also help to maintain the proper hormonal balance.

What is the reversibility of male infertility?

This is the crystal clear that male obesity has adversely affected the fertility; sperm functioning etc. this has the long-lasting effect on the children. This will make your body free from all kinds of the diseases and you must have the cute child.

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