How Much Does the Average Female Fertility Evaluation Cost?

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Getting diagnosed with infertility has its repercussions. You are saddled with the ‘Why me’ question. It also brings about a wave of disappointment and loss of hope. However, it is best to get yourself evaluated at the right time so that you have time on your side. The woman should get their fertility evaluated as it is a tool that can help the women know their fertility status and could prove to be beneficial if the evaluation is done on time. There are many methods for infertility treatment .With the early evaluation; you will be able to try various infertility treatment methods before opting for IUI, IVF and ICSI. Test tube baby Center in Punjab puts across guidelines related to the Fertility Evaluation, including information about its costs. So here is all you want to know about Female Fertility Evaluation.

Female Fertility Evaluation: what information will the doctor seek?

Fertility evaluations will include questions about the woman’s lifestyle and medical history. The doctor is also bound to ask queries related to the woman’s sex life and reproductive history. The evaluation will also include a physical exam, primarily focused on the reproductive system. After this, the doctor will recommend tests that will help in figuring out the reasons for infertility. Some common tests employed for female fertility evaluations are:

Hysterosalpingogram –It involves the use of an imaging procedure that produces an accurate view of the uterus and fallopian tubes. In it, a dye is injected into the reproductive tract through the cervix, and then an x-ray is performed.

Blood tests – Blood tests are also used for evaluation of hormonal abnormalities which could be causing infertility. These tests indicate if there are abnormal levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) or progesterone. If there are abnormalities, the treatment methodology is formulated accordingly.

Hysterosonogram – In this procedure, a fluid is injected into the uterus of the woman. An ultrasound is performed alongside which helps the doctor in visualizing the uterine cavity. It helps in determining abnormalities that could be causing infertility.

Clomid challenge test – It is a test which involves the use of drug Clomid which is used in identifying poor ovarian reserve condition.

Embryoscopy – Embryoscopy is a procedure which involves using an endoscope. It is used to locate the gestational sac of the non-viable fetus, followed by the collection of cells for analysis. These tests help the doctor in determining the chromosomal abnormalities if they exist in the fetus. This procedure is highly recommended for women who have experienced recurring miscarriages in the past. This method is considered more superior than the traditional method in which the aspirated contents of a D&C are evaluated.

Cost of Female Fertility Evaluations

The cost of a female fertility evaluation is dependent on the tests or procedures which are ordered. If there is a requirement of a high number of diagnostic procedures, then the procedure will incur more costs. However, if the patient is medically insured, the cost may be decreased.