How Obesity And Infertility Are Associated

How Obesity And Infertility Are Associated

Obesity is mainly caused by extensive consumption of junk food, alcohol and poor lifestyle. Urban areas at higher risk than rural ones because of their easy access to packed foods and beverages that contain lots of fat. Additionally people are reluctant towards physical activities that make them more prone to accumulate fat in their body.

Risks created by Obesity

Another problem caused by obesity is infertility.  High weight cases are on rise and so the infertility problems. It is found every 10th couple in India suffers with infertility problems and is reluctant to take medical help. Obesity is spreading at high speed that quarter of women’s count in the country is found obese.

Obese women even if succeed in getting pregnant are at higher risk of miscarriage or giving birth to abnormal babies or diabetic babies.

Imbalanced Hormones

Overweight results into development of inadequate hormones. For examples young girls experience irregular menstruations, skin acne and unnatural hair growth on their body. It is resulted by higher release of male hormones. This hormone imbalance is named as polycystic ovary syndrome that causes heart problems, diabetes and infertility problems. To overcome such issues, women should shed extra weight. It may in fact help in regularizing their menstruation without taking any medicine and also corrects hormone levels in their body.

Obesity and male’s infertility

Males are also not an exception. Men with higher weight also develop suffer from fertility problems such as developing lower sperm count. Due to obesity, hormone levels change that affects their fertility power and makes men reluctant in sexual activities Overweighing men also experience erection problems. So there is a great risk of infertility in males with larger weight.

Conquer overweight

Normally weighed females have higher birth rates as compare to obese females. Those with BMI about 19 to 25 are good to get pregnant. Healthy body with sufficient weight is necessary for convenient pregnancy and healthy baby delivery.


But if you fail in getting pregnant, in- vitro fertilization is the recommended treatment at  infertility center in India. Although before choosing this treatment, you should control your weight because overweight can lower the successful pregnancy rates.

Overweight couples may even experience troubles with IVF also. It is found that obese females experience difficulties in successful IVF and normal delivery. So it states that obese woman should first lose extra fat or search for donor eggs. IVF performed on donor eggs apparently gives normal success.

Additionally, females should take care of their diet and eat nutritional food. They should avoid consumption of alcohol that could otherwise affect their fertility potential. There are several problems that occur for overweight females when they try to conceive. So take advice of your physician in Infertility treatment in India for appropriate solution.

For perfect motherhood, you should improve your lifestyle that is possible by:

  1. Follow balance diet
  2. Workout minimum for half hour daily
  3. Vegetables and fruits
  4. Reduce consumption of fats, sugar and salt
  5. Avoid smoking and alcoholism

There are several complications for overweight females to conceive as it causes several problems such as:

  1. Trouble with embryo transfer in assessing uterus and problem with embryo transfer perfectly.
  2. Lower count of eggs retrieved and more complications in receiving the risk of bleeding or injury.
  3. Complicates IVF cycles
  4. Decrease response to medicine for ovulation
  5. Mild IVF success