How to Boost fertility the natural way?

13 Effective Ways To Boost Up Your Fertility Naturally

Infertility-a cause for concern

Many couples are dealing with the bane of infertility. You are yearning for a baby and don’t just seem to succeed in getting pregnant. Call it destiny or delay; you could do with a few tips to boost your fertility the natural harmless way.

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Strike a low reading on the weighing machine

An ideally healthy body is the first prerequisite to succeed in conceiving. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) needs to be between 19 and 24. If it is so, you don’t need to worry. If it is not, you need to take steps to lower your weight. An ideal weight is important for successful ovulation.

Watch your plate

If you have been eating carelessly, it’s time to ditch those junk food items. It will help if you switch to plant-based protein instead of animal-based proteins. Another thing you need to be careful about is that high-fat dairy products are more favorable for conception than low-fat dairy milk. So opt for the dairy products accordingly.

Hydrate yourself

Apart from giving your skin a lovely glow, water is crucial for many other functions. If you are consuming less water, your cervical fluid is bound to dry up and become sluggish. This will have a deterring effect on your fertility as mucus guides the sperm to the egg.

Give the caffeine a pass

Give the coffee a miss and avoid soft drinks. A high caffeine intake means an interference with conception.

Check your Basal Body temperature

The basal temperature is the temperature which the body has when one is fully at rest. Your basal body temperature rises when you are ovulating. With time, you will be able to judge whether your temperature has risen or not. An elevated BBT indicates a favorable time for having sexual intercourse if you want to conceive.

Keep a track of your ovulation

This can be done by maintaining an ovulation calendar. You can do this by observing the length of your menstrual cycle and subsequently figuring out your time of ovulation. Once this is done, you will know when to be intimate with your partner for a successful conception.

Analyze your cervical mucus

A careful look at the mucus secretion will also help you in understanding your ovulation cycle. The intensity and the characteristic of the secretion change according to the ovulation cycle. The secretion is in a greater quantity when you are on the verge of ovulating. The fluid bears a resemblance to egg whites when you are about to ovulate. So you know when you are going to be most fertile by monitoring your mucus.

See the gynecologist

Do see a qualified doctor if your negative pregnancy reports are worrying you no end. They might help in recognizing cause which you might have missed out on. He might be able to suggest some lifestyle changes and work out if the problem lies in your genes. If it is further required, you may opt for IVF treatment.

IVF availability in India

IVF is readily available in India. The cost of IVF treatment in India varies according to the city and the clinic. IVF India offers excellent IVF services. Opt for IVF as the last resort when you have tried all the natural methods given them a   fair chance.