How to Deal With IVF, Positively?

How to Deal With IVF, Positively?

Going through is truly a tough process, you can’t come to know unless you have felt it for yourself or you know someone going through it.

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1. Stay connected or make friends with people going through the same

The most important thing couples going through IVF find is that meeting and knowing people who have gone through this process. Doctors and their team only help you in knowing about the treatment process and not going through the emotional phase of your life.

I know of many people (who have themselves gone through the process) meet up new people (who are also going through the same); it feels so good, to know that someone cares for you. So, keep meeting and ask any queries that you have (sometimes, the doctors also shy away from asking you or replying to your queries).

2. Seek help

Many times you get so stressed, so anxious, tired, that you yourself don’t know what has to be done then is the time that professionals come to our aid. Counseling really helps you come out of this situation.

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3. Write, scribble

You know what, guys? I love writing. (You keep reading my posts, so you very well are aware of the fact that I like to write. Even at home, I try to write (though not that much, I write off and on, but still, I try to). I feel so much better after penning down things, it may be a happy moment or a sad one, I do when I am angry, stressed, any time.

What I mean to say is, even if you wish to scribble down things, do that, you feel much better.

Try to make a journal about the way you feel, no need to go online and post it (not everything is for Facebook), either do you have to publish it. But, write for your own happiness.

4. Try meditation

Another thing which can be done is going in for alternative medicines/ therapies, you can try your hand at yoga, do a bit of meditation, count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, up to 10( if you can), you will instantly feel the difference. You will not get the results in a go, it will surely take time, but still, your mind will be under your control.

You can even take the help of guided meditation to calm down those tires muscle of yours, trust me, your treatment process will be so much smoother, and your baby will start loving you all the more.

In case you don’t find any of these things working for you then you can opt for IVF treatment in India