How to handle stress during IVF?

How to handle stress during IVF?

When patients visit our IVF centre, they have different questions in their minds. At times, they get too stressed which makes it difficult for them to manage everything. This is why our fertility doctor decided to share the top stress factors and how to cope up with them.


  • Fear of Needles


We all know someone who has a fear of needles. Patients think that the infection will hurt them a lot. But, most IVF injections do not hurt. Only there are few injections which can slightly sting but temporarily:

  • You will be given blood thinning injections following egg retrieval. This can result in a few bumps and bruises which go away in a few days.
  • Following embryo transfer, progesterone is prescribed which can be in different forms like vaginal gel, intramuscular injections, or suppositories.

Some of the tips to reduce pain includes:

  • Do not tense up the muscles because it will hurt more.
  • Use the heating pad to the injection site for about 10 minutes to relax the muscle.


  • I am anxious to show my vagina in front of the doctor


Worry not! Your doctor is not going to judge you on how your vagina smells and looks. The only thing they are interested in is examining the ovaries and uterus. Keep in mind, they have dealt with thousands of patients, so there might be some patients who have their vagina in a worse state than yours.


  • I cannot deal with the pain of Transvaginal Ultrasound scan 


You might have heard people saying the ultrasound scan hurt a lot. But, let me tell you, there is nothing like this. There is just one condition when it might be possible due to vaginismus or vulvodynia. There is no pain while getting the scan.

What you can do?

You need to take a deep breath in and out, especially when the probe is going in. After that, imagine the probe is going out of the vagina. This way, it helps to open up easily and the probe can glide in smoothly.


  • My life will be on hold while getting the treatment


Do not worry, there is no way your life will be affected. You can schedule the appointment as per your schedule by talking to the doctor. You can still go out and have fun. You can carry your laptop to the hospital, till the time you are waiting and get your office work done. You should utilize your time to the most and do things that you & your partner love to do when you are free.

For further information, talk to our fertility doctor and clear all your doubts regarding the treatment.