How to improve your fertility naturally?

How to improve your fertility naturally

Infertility is becoming a growing problem. It repercussions can be felt overwhelmingly in the current generation. However various infertility center come to the rescue of such people. There are various clinics which offer IVF in India. But one can increase one’s fertility through natural means as well.

Route your way to fertility through your diet

How to improve your fertility naturallyEven our fertility is influenced greatly by our diet. Research shows that our fertility can be boosted up by our diet by as much as 69%.

  1. Munch on an antioxidant-rich diet

It is wise to eat the way the early man did. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and grains. They not only play a vital role in enhancing your health, but they also give your fertility a boost.

  1. Breakfast like a king

Yes, the old adage is true. Eat a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. You can eat a heavy, meal in the morning and count your calories when you eat your dinner. A good breakfast helps in maintaining hormonal balance crucial for creating conditions for conceiving successfully. A heavy breakfast needs to be balanced by a light dinner.

  1. Go Easy on Trans fats

Apart from dieting for weight loss, it is preferable to avoid trans fats for a while. Abstain from having too much of the fried, processed and baked goods. They may appeal to your palate but wreak havoc on your hormones and fertility. Ovulatory fertility suffers to the extent of 31% because of faulty dietary habits.

  1. Root for the roughage

Include a lot of fiber in your diet. You can ensure this by putting raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains in your diet. Some fibrous materials bind estrogen and result in lowering of estrogen levels. Fibers can reduce infertility problems by 44%.


  1. Choose Plant proteins

It is a wise decision to opt for plant proteins instead of animal proteins. Beans, seeds, and nuts lead to higher fertility chances. Replace the eggs, meat and fish intake by their vegetarian counterparts.

  1. Take the Vitamin Pill

A multivitamin may hold the key to your fertility. Deficiency of certain nutrients might be the root cause of your failure to conceive. Multivitamins with folate prove highly beneficial in such cases. So increase your fertility by 20% by opting for a multivitamin as vitamin E, vitamin B6 deficiency may be acting spoilsport.

  1. Put on your walking shoes

Yes, we literally mean it. You will benefit on all accounts by opting for an active lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle will up your chances of failing to conceive. An active lifestyle will further your chances of getting pregnant. Do be careful of not overdoing the same as it might have an adverse effect on your reproductive system.