Removal of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy: Remedies & Medical Treatments

How to Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy | Home Remedies and Medical Treatments

Stretch marks are the little streaks that emerge on the skin of a pregnant woman during the later stages of her pregnancy and are considered somewhat dejected. These marks appear because the elastic fibers under the skin get deteriorated.

It happens because the body at this period grows at a higher rate than the skin’s ability to cope. If a woman visits an IVF center and a fetus is implanted in her womb, chances are she may develop stretch marks as the fetus continues to grow. One may notice the presence of these marks on their tummies, thighs, buttocks or even on the breasts. They may appear purple, brown, reddish brown or pink on your skin depending on the skin color of the individual. With time, these marks may eventually disappear but in most cases, they do not disappear completely. Stretch marks are also genetic, which implies that if your mom had them, there is a high possibility that you will get the marks too.

Causes of stretch marks during pregnancy

Development of stretch marks during pregnancy can be attributed to various reasons. Some of the basic reasons for the development of stretch marks include the following.  The first reason is weight gain which is a common occurrence during pregnancy. This is however subject to the pace at which the weight increases. If a pregnant woman gains weight rapidly it consequently leads to the development of stretch marks on their skin. If a woman has excess amniotic fluid or is carrying several babies then she stands at a higher position to develop the stretch marks. Again, if an expectant lady is carrying a baby whose weight is above average weight then it is bound to get these marks.

Remedies that can be taken to remove stretch marksRemedies that can be taken to remove stretch marks

There exist several measures that could be taken by women in an attempt to get rid of stretch marks. These remedies could be practiced at home whereas others require some medical attention.

Home remedies

This entails remedies that one can basically practice at the comfort of their homes. Some of these resolutions include the following.

  • Alfalfa Leaves

These are the leaves that have antifungal and detoxifying features. It requires the application of a paste made of chamomile oil and alfalfa leaves to be applied to the affected area twice a day for the effective results.

  • Lemon juice

Another key home remedy to reduce stretch marks is lemon juice, which is a great source of vitamin C. You can apply lemon juice mixed with little quantity of water on the stretch marks. After applying just let the skin to soak it for some minutes and a few elapselater, rinse the skin with warm water. This procedure should be undertaken for several times for successful results.

  • Honey

Application of honey on the area having stretch marks is also a way that can be used to eliminate them. It involves appliance of honey for a moment and later washes it off several times.

  • Consumption of Water

The skin ought to be well-hydrated to enhance stretch marks erasure. To ensure that, you must take at least 10 glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated and secure from toxins. It helps in keeping the skin supple and reinstates the skin’s elasticity. Taking tea, soda and coffee should be avoided since those three are dehydrating agents.

  • Egg White

One may also use eggs whites to remove stretch marks. This entails applying to the pretentious area and allowing it to dry. One should later wash the skin with cold water and then smear olive oil. Use this treatment for some weeks to get rid of the stretch marks.

Medical Remedies

In addition to the various preventive and home remedial procedures that are practiced to remove stretch marks, there are also other medical therapies that can be offered by hospitals like IVF centers. These may include chemical peels, laser therapy, and glycolic acid.

  • Use of chemical peels

Chemical peels, also known as chemexfoliation or derma-peeling, involves the use of a chemical emulsion on the stretch marks. This emulsion is comprised of chemicals like lactic, trichloroacetic, glycolic, salicylic or carbolic acids.  When this solution is applied to the stretch marks it later leads to the blister formation. But the blistered skin is then removed through various techniques to allow the development of a fresh skin layer.

  • Laser therapy

Laser therapy works on both new marks as well as older marks. It entails taking off, vaporizing and breaking down of pretentious skin tissues to boost the production of new cells. The two available options in the laser therapy are fractional non-ablative laser and pulse-dyed laser therapy. They both remove stretch marks and enhance the texture of the skin. These therapies lead to permanent removal of stretch marks and these services can be offered in IVF centers.