How Your First pregnancy differs from your Second Pregnancies?

How Your First pregnancy differs from your Second Pregnancies?

Feeling and experience of the pregnancy may differ in each time. At the first time woman feels like the princess and someone special that is on the way to new life but in the second time this feeling fades away.

Experience of the first time is entirely different than the second time in the following aspects

Sonogram pictures

For the very first time excitement level for the sonogram pictures remain at height as in the first time women and even would be father and family members love to see the original pictures of baby rather than images plotted in the mind but in the second time this excitement bit goes down and they try to imagine the second as the first one.

Belly pictures

For the first time as would be parents are oblivion about the growth of child in the womb so after one to two weeks they like to take the belly pictures to observe the growth difference of pregnancy.

But on the second time due to experience of carrying the pregnancy this curiosity to observe the growth goes down and even sometime couples forget to notice the growth of their second baby in the womb


Worries during the first pregnancy remains at the peak as due to the first experience even the tiny things and changes in the body and mood make anxious to the couple. Woman also remains worried about the proper growth of her baby and about labor pain also.

On the second attempt the experience of first time becomes the guidance and it drop down the worries about the pregnancy and parents understand and compare the change and development with their first experience. Labor remain not as such fear for the mother in their second attempt


Evan in the first time mothers remain more conscious about their diet so that their bad eating habits could not jeopardize their baby in the womb and even become so particular about the selection of food.

On the second time experience make them bit strong and even their mood swings differently so their food choices also get differ in the second pregnancy