How does infertility affect the couple’s relationship in a negative way?

Effect of infertility on relationship

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: Getting to know about infertility is definitely the most emotional and heart-breaking news in any couples life. Both men and women are affected by infertility in many ways.

How do women feel about this situation?

Basically, women are the emotional caretaker and providers of the relationship. In most cases, it is seen that women feel she is responsible for anything bad happens or if their family is suffering from anything bad. This is the reason they feel extra emotional and this takes a toll on their relationship.

Women in an infertile couple take the blame on themselves and protect their husbands. While it is seen that men usually accompany their wives to the appointment and they get concerned about different issues like cost of treatment, the time it will take, etc.

However, these things are very important and relevant also. They serve the purpose of protecting the husbands in the conception process.

How do men feel about this situation?

Men are responsible for protecting the family from any bad situation and they are the financial provider of the relationship. They usually do not express what they feel about the issue. There thinking is that they have to take responsibility, make decisions, and to think without focusing on the emotions.

In an infertile couple male feel overwhelmed by their partner’s emotions. They try to focus on their work so that their life does not get affected by this issue and they want to move ahead.

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How does it affect the relationship?

It is clear that women feel very emotional about this issue like pain, fear, and anger. This is the reason she even feels depressed and anxious about the situation. The feelings make it very difficult for her to even ask for what she needs from her partner. Outdoor Saunas for sale and Wooden hot tubs

Actually, couples do not feel comfortable talking about what they are facing issues in their relationship. Here are some suggestions for both partners who are dealing with infertility:

  • You should talk to each about your feelings and thoughts. So, you know how your partner feels about the problem.
  • Keep in mind that there is nothing right or wrong about the way you feel. Once you know what you need, tell your partner how they can help you or what you need.
  • Understand the emotional and psychological changes in both men and women.
  • Get involved in the treatment process with each other. Share the happy and sad moment with each other to keep a balance in your relationship. This way both the partners will respect each others feeling and it will bring you closer.