Is it necessary to do bed rest after undergoing Embryo Transfer?


So, you are at the final stage of embryo transfer. This comes with excitement and nervousness, as you are not sure what to expect and what you should do. To make you comfortable throughout the process, the fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Punjab will guide you in detail. During the initial consultation of fertility treatment, the doctor will give you in-depth information about IVF cost and how you need to prepare for every step of the treatment. To make you aware of the fertility treatment cost, on average it is Rs 80,000/-.

The theory behind bed rest

Following the delivery of the baby, women are asked to take bed rest for 6 weeks. But, till time it was proven that inactivity increases the risk of DVT. It was also suggested that bed rest is important but it won’t make a difference. Many people are not able to discard the widely accepted logic of getting bed rest.

If a woman has undergone IVF treatment, then she needs to get bed rest for 2 weeks following the embryo transfer. Although, a lot has been changed with medical advancement and the way treatment is seen. IVF treatment is in existence for around 3 decades and the patients must understand whether bed rest is advisable or not.

Should I get bed rest after the Embryo Transfer?

No doubt, earlier it was considered necessary to get bed rest. Different studies have been done with time to understand does it make a difference. Here, we have discussed the results of some of the studies which point out bed rest after frozen or fresh embryo transfer.

  • One of the studies conducted in 1997 has shown that 1 one day rest following the embryo transfer is of no use. Well! It showed that if the patients limited their activity regime to 20 minutes pregnancy rate was comparable.
  • One of the studies was conducted in 2005, which pointed out the fact that it was okay for the patient to get up and follow a normal regime. While comparing it was noticed that there was not much difference in the pregnancy rate of the patients who were asked to do the best rest for 60 minutes.
  • One of the research done in 2011, pointed out that there is no benefit in getting bed rest after embryo transfer. On the other hand, it pointed out that if you live an unhealthy life or you are not active then it can affect conception chances greatly.

Why is bed rest not necessary after Embryo Transfer?

The logic is simple behind not suggesting the patient get bed rest. If you are highly inactive it shoots up the estrogen level in the body and this is the reason blood clots are formed. Due to this, the blood flow is impacted and it affects the growth of fetal growth in your body.