Is it right to claim that IVF or test tube baby procedure is the same?

Is it right to claim that IVF or the test tube baby procedure is the same?

The doctors of the Sofat Infertility and the women care centre – The best fertility clinic in Ludhiana has noticed that many couples are confused whether the IVF and the test tube baby is the same or not. And here at this point, we found it extremely necessary to make each of them know about the origin of both of these terms.

Is there any difference between both the terms?

According to the experts of the IVF centre in Punjab, “No, both of these terms are absolutely the same. There is no difference between the two. Test tube baby is one of the fancy terms which were used a couple of decades ago. Earlier the IVF procedure was not known as the IVF, It was usually referred to with the terms test tube baby and so.”

Did you know?

In earlier times, the eggs were fertilized with the sperms in the petri dish.

People used to think like this!

Earlier, much before people called IVF as such, they used to call it the test tube baby. Calling it a test tube baby was not enough, they even used to think that the IVF process makes the embryo get formed in the test tube baby.

Did you know?

Durga was India’s first test-tube baby. It bore severe criticism in Public until the early 2000s.

Please be informed!

No matter whether the baby is born through the IVF process or the artificial procedure, he or she is a human. Also, he or she is as natural and similar or natural as the other human beings are.

The procedure of forming the embryo could be artificial but the way the baby is nourished in the womb is completely natural.

The amazing fact

The world health organisation has declared infertility as one of the diseases which cannot be treated until medical intervention is not done.

Is the baby grown with the IVF procedure completely normal and healthy?

Yes surely. The baby grown with the help of the IVF procedure is more healthy than the natural babies. Even we can say that the babies which are grown with the help of the IVF procedure are even more healthy. It is because the prepared embryos have to go through genetic screening. And the genetic screening helps to know if there is any defect in the baby. It also helps people to know if the prepared embryo could survive in the womb or not.

And even the minor defects which will get detected can be corrected with the help of the medications and the various other procedures.

Final Comments!

If our readers are having some kind of doubt concerning the procedure or about the above-mentioned terms (IVF and the test tube baby), then they can surely write it to us. In our upcoming blog, we shall try to make this thing even more clear.

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