Is it safe to eat Paleo Diet during Pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat Paleo Diet during Pregnancy


It is important to pay attention towards the diet chart during the pregnancy as for a healthy baby and healthy mother it is important to have proper nutrition that is possible only if the mother will eat something healthy and nutritious. Food taken during the pregnancy is not only taken to satisfy the appetite but also for the nutrition of mother and baby inside the womb thus it is important to follow the proper diet chart as recommended by the dieticians and your gynecologists.

It is the common question asked by the pregnant women to their doctors that can they have the paleo diet during pregnancy so it is important to know what is paleo diet and is it safe for pregnant women or not?

What is Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet is also known as the caveman’s diet, it is the diet that includes the foods that our ancestors and forefathers used to eat means it is the diet that has all the natural ingredients. In simple words, it is the diet that is free from anything that has been grown in the farms or processed.  It contains the natural oils like olive oil, animal meats but free from grains. Even this diet restrict the fast or junk foods like pizza, burger etc

Is it safe to have a paleo diet during pregnancy?

As discussed above paleo is the diet comprises all natural ingredients so it is a very healthy diet to have during pregnancy. This diet includes the natural oils like olive oil or omega 3 etc which are really essential to keep the nervous system of baby and mother healthy.  This no grain diet stresses the intake of protein that is also beneficial for the health of baby and mother.

The meat of animals is also included in the paleo diet which is the rich source of iron so it is also important for the development of muscles during delivery. Fruits and vegetables included in this diet are also helpful for the mother and baby as they prevent gestational diabetes.

Prenatal benefits of paleo or caveman’s diet

As discussed above this diet is really healthy diet so it is also helpful during the prenatal stage of pregnancy as follows

  • All included vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of this diet are necessary for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • According to an infertility specialist in India paleo diet also improve the chances of conception by reducing the homocysteine level in the blood.
  • Omega -3 fatty acids are present in this diet act therapeutically during the antenatal stage of pregnancy and even contribute to the development of brain and eyes of the fetus.
  • This diet is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids so also prevent pre and postnatal depression
  • Due to rich in iron so this diet prevent anemia during pregnancy
  • Paleo diet has low glycemic index so helpful in keeping the balanced sugar level so lower the risk of gestational diabetes to the pregnant woman.
  • Paleo diet also helps the pregnant women from the common pregnancy issues that are gas and acidity.

How to take a Paleo diet during Pregnancy?

As the excess of everything can be proved harmful especially for pregnant women so it is important to take the paleo diet with some modifications as follows and even according to the instructions of your dietician or doctor

  • You can add more carbohydrates and can reduce the intake of proteins in your diet as too much protein can lead to a low birth weight baby.
  • Eat some healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, berries, and root vegetables so that baby can get healthy
  • Multivitamins supplements can fulfill your body requirement for vitamin or minerals so you can add them in your paleo diet but you should add them after consulting your doctor
  • As paleo diet does not include the dairy products so you can add them to fulfill the requirement of calcium and Vitamin D.


Paleo diet is safe and healthy during pregnancy but you can have it with some modifications that are suitable for pregnancy but only after consulting your doctor or dietician.