Is It Safe To Workout During Your IVF Cycle, Or Should You Avoid It?

Working Out

Taking good care of yourself during your IVF pregnancy is an important phenomenon you must not neglect. Also, you must know that each body demands different things. Hence the fulfillment of the requirement should be solely based on it.

In this blog, we will focus on IVF (in vitro fertilization) and whether you should exercise during your pregnancy. The fact that you are researching such things automatically defines your desire to stay healthy.

After getting the Best IVF Results in Punjab, you can ask your doctor about your lifestyle to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Let us answer all your curious questions, such as :

Can you exercise during the IVF cycle?

If you did not exercise before, should you start now?

How much should you exercise/

What are the risks?

From the Best IVF Centre in Punjab, you will also get to learn a tip or two.

Can You Workout During IVF Pregnancy?

Yes, you should work out during your IVF cycle. However, you must definitely keep it moderate or light.

While exercising is a good thing for your overall well-being, losing weight, increasing bone density or muscle, improving sleep, and lowering stress levels. We have also noticed that exercise is a great way to improve the pregnancy rates for couples undergoing infertility treatment.

But taking a new or exceptionally vigorous exercise routine is not the way to go ahead during your IVF pregnancy. You must stick to an easy and comfortable workout regime.

Can You Exercise After An Embryo Transfer?

Did you know that one of the severe risks of exercise to your IVF cycle, which is very prominent, is torsion? We highly discourage you from following any heavy form of exercise during your entire IVF cycle. This also includes the time period of embryo transfer. The many weeks that come between your egg retrieval procedure and embryo transfer.

But what after that?

Well, to be honest, it is not quite right for you to follow your extreme workout regime right after embryo transfer. We will still advise you to take it easy as you would not want to disrupt the embryo implantation process.

What Are Light, Moderate, And Heavy Workouts?

It is an interesting question as it might give you an understanding of what to follow and avoid.

There are tons of variations, but we will keep it simple for beginners.

You can categorize light exercise as taking a walk or stroll for 15 minutes. Whereas moderate exercise includes 20 minutes of swimming or a 1-hour walk. An intense workout involves 30-minute jogging, 15-minute HIIT exercise, and anything on top of this.

To ease the understanding, think of it in this way. With light exercise, your heartbeat would go up just a little as it is not strenuous. Moderate exercise will also not raise your heart rate much, as it is not that challenging. However, with a heavy workout regime, you would be out of breath which would ignite your heart rate pretty fast as it is a challenging exercise.

Final Comments

With the help of Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre), you can turn your life for the better. Conceive a healthy child with IVF and make sure to follow every instruction of the doctor.

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