Is it true the IVF treatment cost is expensive as compared to other treatment options?

Cost of IVF treatment in India

Most of the patients have one major question in mind when they visit the IVF centre in Punjab, which is regarding the cost. No doubt, it is essential to learn about the cost to manage it in the right manner. From getting the problem diagnosed with getting the affordable treatment plan, the best fertility doctor will help to make things easier for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the treatment cost for your understanding.


IVF Treatment

The fertility doctor will determine the fertility issue and according to that recommend what type of treatment plan you need to get. There is a routine check-up and then the pricing will be done.

In some cases, the couple needs IUI which is less costly as compared to the other advanced surgery. The same rule is needed for patients who need to get IVF to address the infertility issue.

IVF is an affordable treatment. You might think it cost more as there are many procedures needed to do the surgery. The doctor will help you prepare at the different stages so that your success chances increase. The couple needs to pay for the procedure and along with that additional fees are needed which includes the consultation, hormone drugs or medications, or sometimes need of multiple cycles.


Initial consultation

The couple with infertility issues will meet a specialist to discuss the concerns. After that, the treatment plan is finalized depending on the patient’s condition. The doctor will do blood work and then the health of the reproductive organs will be checked.


Ovulation step

The female partner is given hormone medications. This is done to increase the egg count in the ovaries at the next menstrual cycle. Once enough eggs are produced it makes it easier to increase the success chances.


Egg Retrieval and maturation

The eggs are retrieved with a simple invasive procedure. The patient is given sedation so that they do not feel any pain and discomfort. Once the eggs are taken they will be taken to the laboratory and kept for fertilization with the sperm.

The sperm sample is taken from the male partner and then mixed along with the eggs. The healthiest embryo is taken so that it can be implemented into the uterus. In some cases, women are given medications to help them prepare for the treatment in the best manner.

Embryo transfer

The final step is embryo transfer by choosing the healthiest embryo for implanting into the uterus. Following that, the women need to visit the fertility clinic frequently for around 2 weeks. After that, the pregnancy test is done to check if the cycle was successful.

If the embryos are left from the fertilization then they will be stored so that the patient can undergo the treatment in the future. The embryos are frozen so that their integrity is maintained for a long time.