Is IVF Treatment Painful?

IS IVF Treatment Painful

Well, that is a difficult question to answer. The amount of pain a person experience depends on his pain threshold. Different people react differently to pain. So, an amount of pain which might be excruciating for one maybe slight for another. So the amount of pain you will experience will entirely depend on your pain threshold.

IVF: what is the procedure?

According to IVF center,the preference for IVF has gone up drastically in the last few years. The procedure involves a lot of steps. Initially, the patient’s ovulation cycle is stimulated to enable the release of more eggs per cycle. The medicines for this purpose can be injected by the patient herself. She may also take the help of her partner for the same. The cycle is monitored closely and the doctor can make out when the eggs have been released. It is the most suitable time to extract the eggs from the female’s body. Usually,the patient is given anesthesia during the process of egg extraction. The pain experienced after the extraction is akin to menstrual cramps, which can be alleviated with paracetamol or a hot water bottle. Some women may find that the pain goes away with activities like swimming.

The most painful part of IVF treatment is when the procedure of implantation takes place. This is undertaken a few days after the extraction.The process seems similar to a smear test and can’t be branded as comfortable in any sense, but it is nothing to be terrified of.

What if the cycle is unsuccessful?

Sure, the patient goes through physical pain during the various steps of IVF, but the emotional pain of an unsuccessful cycle may be more traumatic. Emotional trauma should be handled with the support of close relatives and the partner. The patient will need to be counselled by professionals too.

What if the cycle is successful?

 Well, it sure is pleasant news when the patient’s pregnancy report comes positive. With the pregnancy, comes a little more discomfort. Strange sensations which you never knew come to the fore.Pain, swollen feet, big belly are the changes which the patient will have to experience during her remarkable journey to motherhood. When it is time to deliver the child, the labor pain will be the most painful factor. It will soon end with the delivery of the child and a cute bundle of joy in your arms.