Is My age A Factor in Success of IVF treatment?

Is My age A Factor in Success of IVF treatment (1)

Most of women delay their pregnancy because they are more concerned about their career. By the time they are ready, sometimes it is late and it might create issue conceiving successfully. Age is one of the important factors which affects your fertility. It is because fertility starts declining after the age of 28 and this decline even more after the age of 35. For this reason, many women choose to get the treatment of IVF. So let’s see if age affects the success of the treatment or not.

Age Factor and Fertility

Firstly, when a woman is born she has all the eggs for the entire life. As you age, the quantity and quality of eggs start decreasing. This is the reason why age is an important factor which affects women’s fertility. Moreover, this factor cannot be changed or controlled. If women try to conceive at the mid-20s then the chances of getting pregnant are quite high and in that case, IVF treatment will also give effective results.

Secondly, the patients who are considering the treatment must know that there are different factors that play an important role in its success. No doubt, it is very important that patient health and overall condition should be proper. But age is certainly the factor which might cause a hindrance in the effective results of the treatment. It is because women might face difficulty conceiving after a certain age. You must visit our IVF center and consult the doctor about how you can treat the problem.

It is a misconception that treatment of IVF can overcome the issue of infertility related to infertility. No doubt, it can help the patient but there are certain changes which will be made and then the women can conceive. There are other factors along with age which make it difficult to conceive. Some women are taking medications for a long time which might decrease the chances. Several health-related problems such as diabetes, thyroid, being overweight, smoking, taking drugs, or other health-related issue affects the chances of successful pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

One of the common practice in IVF is to transfer the embryo one at a time and this increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and lives birth. For younger patients usually, one or two embryos are transferred, opting for two embryo transfer might result in giving birth to twins. For older patients, two or three embryos are chosen at once, but you have to be cautious as it might create some complications. Therefore, it is essential before deciding you should consult with your doctor regarding the entire procedure.