Is Semen Analysis Sufficient To Check Male Infertility?

How semen analysis report analyzed Does sperm quality affect IVF success

What Is Semen?

During ejaculation, a thick white liquid is released, which is known as semen. The semen is responsible for taking the sperm all the way into the female’s vagina. And further for fertilisation of eggs. The test for semen analysis at an IVF centre in India checks the count, movement and shape of the sperm, ensuring that the firm can fertilise the egg. 

The Semen Analysis.

Semen analysis is done by taking a sample of the semen provided by the male partner either by ejaculating through masturbation in a cup or by wearing a special condom during sexual activity, as suggested by your healthcare professional at the best IVF centre in Jalandhar.

The semen sample needs to be submitted in the first 30 minutes after ejaculation. In the lab, the sample is evaluated to check the following: 

  • Its pH level.
  • Volume of semen.
  • Thickness.
  • Sperm movement.
  • The ability of sperm to move around.
  • Structure and shape of the sperm. 
  • White blood count

It is essential to note that the semen analysis is the first step towards checking for infertility. If something unusual appears in the test, further tests will be followed at an IVF centre in Punjab

What Is The Next Step? 

If a semen analysis gives out normal results, this means that there is no problem with male infertility. If an abnormality is observed in the tests, further tests are required. Abnormalities do not always mean infertility. For example, if a test result shows an increase in acidity, it may or may not indicate white blood count, which occurs due to an infection. However, some infections can lead to infertility. 

Semen analysis isn’t always the best way to observe issues in infertility, as there are several factors that can influence sperm quality and viability. Your doctors may recommend several tests, such as genetic or endocrine gland tests, in case any abnormalities are found in the semen analysis. Your doctor at the best IVF centre in Jalandhar may also look into your health problems that may be contributing to infertility. 

Your doctor requires a second semen test if several non-serious factors affected the test result, such as:

  • An infection
  • Medication.
  • Illicit drugs.
  • Cannabis or alcohol
  • Confining athletic wear
  • Too many soaks in hot water. 

Additional Tests For Male Infertility

In case the semen analysis does not give out a proper result, then your doctor may suggest some other tests, such as:

  • Hormone test
  • Seminal fructose test
  • Post-ejaculate urinalysis
  • Semen leukocyte analysis
  • Anti-sperm antibodies test.
  • Ultrasound
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Vasography
  • Genetic testing

Treatment Options

If your diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor might suggest a number of treatment options to manage the condition of male infertility. Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment options may include: 

  • Hormone treatment
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Treatment for underlying conditions
  • Taking sperm directly from the testicles for IVF at the best IVF centre in Jalandhar.

Semen analysis is the initial test for recognising any issues in male infertility. In case any unusual factors are seen in the tests, your healthcare provider may suggest further tests that would help to determine the problem.