Is Your Lifestyle responsible for the Infertility?

Is Your Lifestyle responsible for the Infertility?

Your fertility can be affected by the lifestyle you live. This is the best saying that good practices will help you to reap the good results while the bad practices will decrease your chances of conceiving the children. Those people who have the late babies, then the lifestyle plays the vital role in that case. You can also consult the best IVF centre in India for the best infertility treatment in India.

What are the factors that are responsible for infertility?

What are the factors that are responsible for infertility?

Infertility is the most distressing situation in the childless couples. If they will take care the below-mentioned factors, then they will definitely have the beautiful kids. Following are the main factors that are responsible for the infertility problem.

Age : Age is the main cause in most of the childless couples. There is not any kind of the medicine available for curing the old age and disabilities that come within it. You can plan your best future from the best of today. The ideal age for the pregnancy is the mid to late 20s. You can also wait up to 35, after this age, your chance of getting pregnant will be low at this stage.

Smoking : Smoking also leads to the problem of infertility in both the sexes. This will increase rate of the miscarriage, reduce birth weights, have the higher chances of the premature delivery. You have to skip out the alcohol on the regular basis.

Alcohol & Recreational Drugs : You just have to forget the alcohol or consumption of the drugs if you want to conceive. This should be performed on the regular basis. There are some dugs that lead to the problem of the severe birth defects like mental retardation, preterm delivery etc.

Caffeine : You have to limit the consumption of the tea or coffee. You just consume the 1 to 2 cups in a day. Caffeine is the main destructor in conceiving the baby. By limit your caffeine level, you will get the positive results in case of your conception.

Body Weight : The health of the person is directly related to the weight. There will be fewer chances of the pregnancy in the underweight women. Overweight women have also suffered from the childless problem. If you maintain your weight, then it will boost up your pregnancy level.

A healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process and it is not the one-time effort. You have to adopt the healthy practices on the regular basis. In the initial days, you have to fix the short-term goals for yourselves. You can achieve the realistic targets on the weekly basis. You will revise your targets for the longer period of time.

One should not be stressed out about the importance of the healthy diet. Having lots of fruits and the vegetables will help you to get the excessive amount of the vitamins and minerals that are vital for your body.

You should consume the plenty of water so that you don’t feel the dehydrated throughout the day.