It Hurts, but You Have To Face It as a True Woman

It Hurts, but You Have To Face It as a True Woman

Infertility issues have damaged and disrupted many families where some of them are no more. At Sofat, one of the renowned and long-existing IVF centre you get to meet different couples going throw every thin path to get a child. Dr. Sumita Sofat a leading infertility doctor with great experience in the field, has dedicated herself to helping all couples and women battling infertility.

Her well to do IVF clinic handles and treats Blocked Fallopian Tubes, male and female infertility, diagnoses the cause of infertility, provides family planning methods and provides antenatal care and treatment. Some women are able to conceive with simple infertility drugs while others have to undergo procedures like IVF, ICSI, IUI, and surrogacy.

Cases, where a woman is faced with multiple infertility issues like the failure of ovulation, blocked Fallopian tubes and previously failed IVF treatment cycles are commonly handled at Sofat Infertility clinic. Women in this category are in great despair which requires counseling and effective treatment to help them become mothers. Commonly helped through IVF the ovaries are stimulated to produce more eggs and they are selected in the laboratory to get the one with the best quality. In the case of male infertility, donor sperms are provided for the fertilization procedure. At Sofat Infertility clinic, the whole procedure is accurately conducted with modern and specialized equipment.

We take the opportunity to encourage those affected by infertility to relent no more when it comes to seeking treatment. Many couples have achieved their desire at Sofat Infertility clinic after a number of years toiling around with no hope. You can be the next to get a baby or more since our clinic is filled with modern technologies.

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