IVF And ICSI Treatment For Infertile Women Because Of PCOS


Are you having trouble conceiving a healthy child naturally?

Many women worldwide find it hard to get pregnant because of PCOS. But with the help of a PCOS treatment in Punjab, you will be able to control the condition and increase the possibility of getting pregnant.

In case no treatment does wonders for your body, do not worry; we still have an option for you that might help you get your bundle of happiness.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can help you get pregnant.

What Are IVF And ICSI?

They are basically an assisted reproductive technology that helps infertile couples to conceive. When the couple is unable to produce a child naturally, the best IVF doctor in Punjab uses these techniques to fertilize the egg in the laboratory by planting the sperm with the egg in a petri dish. It is also known as a test tube baby because of the fertilization taking place in a test tube.

With modern technology and advancement in the medical field, it has become more accessible for people to get hope for pregnancy through IVF or ICSI cycle. No doubt, it is a lengthy and tiresome procedure, but under the guidance of skilled doctors, you will manage to get a positive result.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

It is a health condition that affects women who are of reproductive age. PCOS leads to metabolic and hormonal irregularities in women. This can directly impact the overall well-being of a woman.

Some common things women with PCOS suffer are prolonged or irregular menstrual cycles and the high production of male hormones, also known as androgen. The ovaries are unable to release an egg (ovulation), which leads to specific symptoms that cause the growth of cysts inside the organ. There are several factors that lead to PCOS, including insulin resistance and an unhealthy lifestyle. It also impacts the women’s ability to conceive.


Women who are infertile due to PCOS can conceive naturally by making certain changes in their life. But they might still face certain difficulties despite all the right choices. In such circumstances, we highly recommend you choose IVF or ICSI. They are indeed the two most prevalent options for reproductive assistance. Doctors also choose IVF or ICSI based on the requirements for PCOS women.

IVF And ICSI Treatment

In the IVF treatment, the surgeons will extract the eggs from the ovaries and then let them fertilize with the sperm in the laboratory outside the body.

There are two ways to complete the fertilization of the egg:

  1. Standard insemination

  2. ICSI

Standard insemination is one of the first procedures that take a few sperm and puts them in the lab near the egg for fertilization. Make sure that the sperm is penetrating the egg by themselves.

Nowadays, doctors are selecting ICSI for this procedure because it is much more efficient.

ICSI is a procedure in which the doctor takes single sperm and injects it into the egg for fertilization. With the help of micro-manipulation, the surgeon can conduct the whole procedure without complications.

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