Researches Say, “COVID-19 Spared The IVF & The Natural Pregnancies “


When a couple loses all their hopes to conceive, then Best IVF Centre In Punjab comes as a ray of hope in the lives of those couples. The use of the various ART Procedures has brought happiness to the lives of many.

But! But! But!

Immediately after the COVID Situation, the couples are suggested by the doctor to be extra careful about their prenatal care. But the couples intending to undergo IVF Procedure were still dicey about:

  • Whether to undergo IVF or not?

  • Should we get vaccinated?

  • Does getting vaccinated deteriorate the quality of the sperm & eggs?

  • Should the female get vaccinated before IVF or during that?

  • Does getting vaccinated during IVF interfere with the development of the embryo or not?

Why do COVID Pregnancies seem to be challenging?

COVID Pregnancies does not only seem challenging because of the onset of the viral attack that affects your body, but the biggest challenge lies in maintaining mental health. Because of the financial crisis and the economic condition, it is quite obvious for the people to suffer from a deteriorated mental state.

What’s even good to hear?

Not even a single case has been reported regarding the transmission of the virus in any IVF centre in Punjab. Neither does any case of the recipient and donor catching the Covid infection was recorded

To answer you, ‘ Should you get vaccinated before the treatment or not?’

  • WHO, ASRM and RCOG are in favour

All the American Health associations along with the Indian bodies & Best IVF Centre in Punjab have stated that pregnant women along with the ones intending to be pregnant must get vaccinated for the well of their babies as well.

  • No effect on IVF Cycles

Since it is not a live vaccination, there have been no cases reported that suggest that the Covid vaccination intervenes with the results of the IVF Procedure. This means the negative effect of the Covid vaccines is not at all linked with pregnancies.

  • mRNA SARS-CoV-2 does not impact the patient

It has been seen that neither the ovarian reserve nor the performance of the patient gets adversely affected. There is so much evidence that states that vaccines affect the health of both the patient & the baby.

Please Note:

Although no side effects are associated, the doctors do suggest not to get vaccinated during the following procedure:

  • Egg PickUp

  • Embryo transfer

It is because the vaccine-associated fever may not be misinterpreted with the procedural fever.

Final Comments!

I know that the times are extremely tough but we cannot put a full stop to the natural processes. These have become an essential part of the procedures. As far as conception is concerned, every couple wants it at some stage of their lives. During the COVID times, it becomes even difficult to maintain the beauty of these natural procedures since people have gotten excessively scared. But the teams of doctors, gynecologists and fertility specialists practicing at Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre have helped a lot to help pregnant women and those who are facing difficulty in conceiving.