IVF Success And Failure Factors

IVF success and failure

In-Vitro Fertilization-: Various factors affecting the IVF success and failure

IVF treatment is basically designed for couples who are infertile and wish to conceive a baby. Infertility is explained as an inability to become pregnant even after many attempts. This is the condition which can happen due to many factors such as lifestyle bad habits, poor nutrition, genetic factor, and hormonal changes. These are the main reasons behind infertility which can only be treated with the help of IVF.

This is the treatment which gives you the best results but there are some factors which are responsible for the success and failure of IVF treatment.

Let’s see what type of factors are these-:


This is the main and primary factor which affects the success of IVF. This happens due to old age and low-quality eggs. In addition, people who are in old age are most likely who produce poor quality eggs as compared to young ones. That’s why this is the main factor because of this entire treatment roll around the egg quality.

Reason behind infertility

You should visit the IVF centre in India So that you can understand the reason behind infertility. Because the success of IVF treatment totally depends on the reason behind your problem. If you are suffering from any type of critical problem then it may require more time to show results or you need more embryos to conceive a child. So, you should discuss it with your surgeon prior to treatment.

Previous pregnancy

The success of your previous pregnancy also matters a lot in which your surgeon examine your health condition whether you conceive previously or not. It also matters if you were pregnant with the same partner previously and now, then it will increase the chances of success as compared to a different partner. It may lead to failure or miscarriage and premature delivery.

Quality of embryos

Poor quality or low-quality eggs and embryos do not lead to a successful IVF cycle. Old age people get results late due to low-quality eggs and embryos. Moreover, the development of embryos depends on the quality of the eggs which you produce or on donor eggs. If you get poor quality embryos then you may need an extreme quantity of embryos to conception, otherwise, you have to wait so long.

Lifestyle habits

Your lifestyle habits also matter because if you are regular or passive smoker then you do not conceive easily. Because consumption of drugs lead to failure of IVF or it may reduce your chances to conceive. You should immediately avoid consuming drugs if you want to get the best results of IVF treatment.

Selection of your fertility clinic

Experience and understanding of surgeon matter a lot because it will lead you to success. If you choose less qualified and inexperienced surgeon then you may experience failure of late pregnancy. Because only the experienced and well-qualified surgeon knows the tips of success. He may also suggest you some tips of success and tricks to avoid things which can lead to failure of IVF. So, you choose the best surgeon who has great knowledge about the treatment.