Know About 7 Indian Celebrities Who Have To Bear Pain Of Miscarriage And Learn How They Come Out Of It?

Know About 7 Indian Celebrities Who Have To Bear Pain Of Miscarriage And Learn How They Come Out Of It?

It is common to intrigues by the glamorous life of the celebrity. We love and idolize our favourite stars but do not forget they are also normal people and have normal desires like us. They also have a strong desire of being the parent like us but their journey of being parenthood not always easy as some of them also have to experience the unfortunate phase of this journey that is the miscarriage. Let us have look on such celebrities and learn how they face this traumatic phase of their life and how they come out of it?

Kajol give importance to family support after miscarriage

There is hardly anyone who does not adore the couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan both are charming stars of Bollywood and proud parents. Before the phase of being parents, Kajol was operated for an ectopic pregnancy which is a quite rare condition of pregnancy. She said that family support is quite important to come out from the trauma of miscarriage and it can help you to be normal.

Shilpa Shetty feels motherhood is the joyous experience

Shilpa Shetty reveals that when she miscarried she thought that she could not be the mother again but she came out from it by feeling about the joyous experience of being the mother and get pregnant again.

Aamir Khan believes that time is the great healer

When Kiran Rao wife of Aamir Khan got miscarriage then it was devastation experience for both but Aamir reveals that it was a stressful time and was painful too but after two months we come out from it so time worked as a healer for us.

Saira Banu and Dalip Kumar thought it is not the end

A legendary couple of the Hindi cinema Saira Banu and Dalip Kumar also had to bear miscarriage pain but they come out from it by thinking that it is not the end of their world as their love for each other is enough to lead life.

Fardeen Khan display confidence in his wife

Fardeen Khan announced his happiness of being the father of twin babies on media but soon his wife Natasha got late miscarriage but they both come out from this sadness and even Fardeen kept confidence in his wife and called him Warrior to strong enough to fight with miscarriage pain and give birth to the beautiful daughter the second time.

Dimpy Mahajan struggle a lot after the miscarriage

Popular couple Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Mahajan also have to undergo the pain of miscarriage but the couple revealed that they did not divulge the new but soon she became normal.

Shahrukh Khan opens up about their Miscarriage journey with wife and struggle for their first baby

Shahrukh and Gori khan are parents of three children but they also have to go through the way of miscarriage before the first child and even after the miscarriage they struggled a lot for their baby but after some years everything got normal and they become proud parents of three children.

All the above examples of celebrities reveal that miscarriages are just part of your life they can’t change your life so the need is only to handle the situation by loving and supporting each other.