Know about Unexplained Infertility that Is Sometimes Explained During IVF

Know about Unexplained Infertility that Is Sometimes Explained During IVF

This failure of achieving pregnancy goes high up to 80% among the fertile couples means with the regular try on average basis they have only 20% chances for getting pregnant.

It is essential to understand that sometime some couples get pregnant or get fulfil their dream of happy family within the first year of the pregnancy but some fails to do so even having fertility.

The desire for having own family of such couple fetch them to the fertility specialist to know the reason for their failure in conception. After the detection of the problem it is possible up to 20% that the couple could have the unexplained infertility.

So it is essential to understand that why such patients suffer from this problem and what does this problem mean?

In the diagnostic session for the infertility issues generally the specialists get success to identify the major reasons for the inability of couple to get conceive but cannot sometime detect all the reasons. As if the couple have problems like blockage of the fallopian tubes, low sperm count, poor quality sperm which are major obstacles in the way of pregnancy but other subtle reasons are difficult to detect though the tests like quality level of egg which can be major reason for the pregnancy failure.

If the couples have infertility issues which are unexplained that cannot be known with the normal diagnostic testing. Such couples have only 1-4% chances for achieving the pregnancy with the fertility treatments which are much lower than the 20% chances of getting pregnant each month.

Treatment for IVF

For such couples IVF treatment is the only option that helps them to attain their family goal. Even the couples that got failure from the number of IUI cycles can get success in this treatment. In- Vitro –Fertilisation is the next treatment option for the couples that have unexplained infertility and got failure in achieving pregnancy with other treatments.  This treatment can facilitate them to get pregnant earlier and even within the size of their pocket.

How unexplained infertility can be detected in IVF

Subtle infertility factors that cannot be detected through the testing can be arrested during the IVF as follows

  • If women have problem of ovarian reserve and have inadequate quality of egg then this problem can be known under the microscope while monitoring egg after the egg retrieval.
  • Even some time couples get failure in pregnancy even after having the healthy eggs and sperms due to the poor development of embryo this problem can also be seen during IVF.

So IVF can also be diagnostic in finding the reasons for infertility issues like

  1. Embryo development,
  2. Ovarian reserve
  3. Embryo implantation issues

These above issues cannot be detected with the other treatment options.

Other benefit of diagnostic IVF can be that these factors for infertility can be detected and even can be cured with many available options to rectify these problems.

Even this procedure also gives other benefits like

  • The fertility of women can be preserved by creating the surplus embryo in one IVF cycle that can be used in future for second or third baby at any time.
  • In case of poor quality of eggs donor eggs or frozen eggs can be used for fertility
  • The potential risk of twins and triplets can also be prevented with the controlled number of implanted embryos.

So IVF not only boost the chances of pregnancy for the infertile couples but also for the desperate couples that are suffering for pregnancy failure but are oblivion about the real cause behind their problem. This is successful treatment option for many couples that have urge to expand their family.

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