Kuldeep Batra & Jyoti Batra Smiles After 17 Years

Kuldeep Batra & Jyoti Batra Smiles After 17 Years

We got married in November 1995, but were unable to conceive. I had everything that someone could desire in life, but my parents could always through a question ‘Kuldeep Batra, when are you giving us a grandchild?’ It became the topic whenever I could meet them and was fed up because I also wanted a child in my home. My wife Jyoti Batra was also fed up of finding solutions to any possible cause of infertility. She happened to see Dr. Sofat on TV and from that day, we didn’t take long to travel from Shahabad to Ludhiana to meet the doctor.

We have to say that we were confused and doubtful about the Assisted Reproductive Techniques that we heard about. We always knew that it had to happen in a natural way. When Dr. Sofat explained that eggs have to be removed from my wife and me to give sperms to be combined in a laboratory was something unusual to me. She said that it will be our own fresh and blood, so we were satisfied about that. We started on treatment and the process was successful. On 18 September 2012 we welcomed a bouncing baby boy into our world and a different chapter began in our lives. IVF, ICSI, IUI, GIFT and so on may seem difficult, but an expert like here at Dr. Sofat infertility Clinic will help you gain from any of them For any childless couple out there, one of these treatments can help you have a child for a new phase in your life.

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