How laser-assisted hatching is helpful in increasing the chances of pregnancy?

Laser-Assisted Hatching Process

What is laser assisted hatching?

One of the newest technique in the field of science is laser-assisted hatching. With this, the pregnancy chances are improved.  There are many couples who are experiencing the issue of infertility. For this, they consider the treatment of IVF but sometimes it fails because the embryo transfer is not done properly.

The process of embryo transfer is the last stage in IVF treatment. If the process is successful than the couple can conceive a baby. The embryo transfer is not successful because the process of hatching is not done properly. That is the reason, the need for assisted hatching arises with the IVF procedure which will eventually increase the chances of implantation which is successful. If you are facing problem then you should visit the IVF centre in Punjab. Also makes sure you choose the best fertility specialist as their experience will matter a lot.

Is assisted Hatching Helpful in Improving pregnancy chances?

There are many couples who are facing the issue of infertility and other treatment options might have not given the best results. But, undergoing the laser-assisted hatching will help to increase the chances of embryo implantation. If you are facing the issue of infertility than you should get Laser-assisted hatching in India.

Who gets benefits for this assisted hatching technique?

The Laser-Assisted Hatching is beneficial for:

  • For couples with failed IVF cycles previously
  • Women who are at their 40’s and undergoing the treatment of IVF.
  • If a woman has thick zona, then this procedure is recommended.

Process of laser-assisted hatching

For laser hatching, a computer-controlled modewas is used with 1480mm diode laser. The diode laser which is used is attached with an Olympus IX-70 microscope. The software which is used with laser-assisted hatching is helpful in focusing, easy positioning, measuring the embryo, and alignment of laser. The laser which is used is very precise so they will control the size of the breach in the shell.

Is laser-assisted Hatching Helpful in Improving IVF success Chances?

Yes, of course, laser-assisted hatching is useful to improve the chances of IVF success. The couple who have previous failed IVF cycles must choose laser-assisted hatching because its results are positive. Moreover, this is the treatment which can sometimes lead to multiple pregnancies but it is rare, not common. You have to talk to your doctor first or you must visit our infertility centre we will give you the proper detail of this laser-assisted hatching treatment. Many people get successful results after getting the laser-assisted procedure.