Let’s Know Important Things About the Fertility Treatment

Let's Know Important Things About the Fertility Treatment

There may be the time in the life of the couples that their road to the parenthood become more challenging and annoying. Most of the couples are always in double mind situation to decide whether it is the right time to meet the fertility specialist or not. They skip a lot of time by believing in this believe that pregnancy will happen without intervention.

Let’s know about the few basic things about the fertility treatment

When to meet the fertility, specialist?

  • When your age is under 35 but with regular menstrual cycle and having no pregnancy after 1 year.

  • When the women age is between 35 to 39 but with regular menstrual cycles and not having pregnancy after 6 months of the marriage.

  • When women are having age 40 or above and proper menstrual cycle but no pregnancy after 3 months.

  • Women who are having the irregular menstrual cycle.

  • If women are having any pelvic surgery like removal of the ovarian cyst, endometriosis etc

Is there any chance to get pregnant after the age of 40?

Women age is the important factor in the fertility. As you become older, there may be fewer chances of the conceiving. If your age becomes the barrier, you can also take the eggs of the other women. These eggs are known as donor eggs.

What types of the fertility treatments are available?

Type of the fertility treatment is dependent upon the requirement of the potential mother, their medical history, diagnosis and personal circumstances’.

Types of treatments

  • Basic treatment: This includes ovulation induction or super ovulation techniques with IUI.

  • IVF: The next treatment is the IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION) has the highest success rate and outcomes.


In this procedure, your physician will remove one or more eggs from the ovary and fertilize with the men sperm in the lab. In the normal ovulation, only one egg is matured in every month. The main goal of the IVF is to mature a number of the eggs. The physician uses injectable medications for 8 to 14 days to stimulate the ovaries to produce the egg.

For the removal of the eggs’, your physician will use the need to remove the fluid with the egg. After the removal, both eggs and sperm are prepared in the lab. There are two ways through which the fertilization can take place. The first way is the conventional insemination and the second is the intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. These are dependent upon the quality of the sperm. The best IVF centre in India will provide you the best IVF Success rate.

Embryo development process starts when the fertilized eggs are placed in Incubator. Your physician will examine the development of the embryo closely. Then, your physician will insert the high-quality embryo in order to get more success rate. The best doctors of the IVF centre in Delhi will guide you the process more clearly and effectively.

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