Let’s Know The Important Facts About The Pcos

Let's Know The Important Facts About The Pcos

There is a number of the diseases that arise due to the unhealthy lifestyle. There is the rise in the infertility cases and this is common in the population of the urban areas.

PCOS is the abbreviation of the Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. There are numbers of the myths and the misconceptions regarding PCOS. It is actually the condition when there is the imbalance in the number of the hormones, estrogen and the progesterone. This results in the ovarian cysts. This creates problem in the women menstrual cycle, fertility, appearance etc.

Let’s discuss the different facts regarding the PCOS Treatment

The myth: women suffering from PCOS problem cannot have their children.

Reality: Women suffering from the PCOS problem must have children

Women with children may also suffer from the PCOS problem. Ovary infertility is the major cause of the PCOS problem but it does not mean that women cannot have children at all. Women suffering from this problem can conceive also without the intervention of any specialist or sometimes there may need to contact the specialist.

No doubt, conception will take more time but the right care and the treatment can help in successful conservation.

Myth: PCOS problem usually occurs in the old women.

Truth: PCOS treatment is not dependent upon the age of the person.

PCOS is the main reproductive endocrine disease. it can be reproduced in the teenage girls also. There is only 5 to 10% of the chance. Some of the symptoms’ of this problem are irregular periods, weight gain, acne and excess facial and body hair. But this symptom varies from girl to girl.

The myth: Hysterectomy can cure the PCOS problem

True: Menopause cannot cure the PCOS problem

This has been the assumption that women with PCOS problem can be cured with the removal of the ovaries but it is done in the last resort. If the women are having more than one syndrome, then it affects the ovaries badly. This is concerned with the hormonal imbalance and metabolic issues. This is cannot be cured by removing the reproductive organ.

The Myth – PCOS only occurs obese women

The Truth – In reality, it is not concerned with the obesity.

Losing weight is not the solution but it can reduce the impact of the PCOS. It is the true fact that weight loss increases the simulation of the ovulation and it can also increase the chances of the pregnancy. Women suffering from PCOS problem releases excessive androgens and excessive weight gain around the abdomen is the common symptom. Women suffering from the PCOS problem can strictly follow the healthy diet and exercise.

The Myth –Oral contraceptives can easily cure PCOS

The Truth –Oral contraceptives cannot cure PCOS, but it is cured with the surgery.

Birth control pills are essential to regulate the periods. When women stop taking the birth control pills and ready to plan their family. She may be suffering from the irregular periods.

Regular checkups can help you to prevent with PCOS problem. The best IVF centre in Delhi will help you to diagnose and cure this PCOS problem.