Infertility Treatment Guide: What are the major reasons to undergo IVF?

Reasons That Points Towards Need For IVF

Test Tube Baby Treatment

Test tube baby treatment is one of the ultimate choices for couples struggling to conceive independently. Your pregnancy journey can be easily managed when you visit the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Ludhiana and begin the procedure under the expert supervision of an IVF doctor. But, for many couples, the treatment is still new, or they are not even aware of how it is beneficial. Your infertility doctor can suggest you go down the route of the IVF cycle in the following scenarios:

  • IVF makes the appropriate choice to have your biological child
  • You begin the IVF journey at the IVF centre in Ludhiana. Other low-tech treatments have not given the desired results.

What are the major reasons to undergo IVF?

The reasons to choose the IVF procedure are endless. Some of the major ones that point towards the couple visiting the IVF Centre and planning for their IVF journey:

  • Diagnosed with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. The chances of having blocked tubes are higher with ectopic pregnancy or infection. Undergoing the IVF cycle means the problem of blocked tubes gets bypassed completely.
  • Diagnosed with PCOS, which affects ovulation, or the eggs don’t develop like normal. The chances of normal pregnancy are affected when the normal stimulation process gets affected.
  • Women with severe endometriosis, i.e., Grade 3 or Grade 4, will have trouble planning for natural pregnancy.
  • The couples who have undergone around 6 to 8 cycles of IUI but are still unable to achieve successful results. In such cases, the infertility doctor suggests the infertile patients go down the path of IVF or test tube baby treatment.
  • In some cases, when the problem is extremely severe, the infertility doctor directly suggests the patients choose the IVF cycle. You can discuss the same with your doctor.
  • Around 10% of the infertility cases have unexplained infertility. It means the exact reasons behind infertility are not known or not detected. Therefore, to address the situation and improve the chances of pregnancy, the doctor suggests an IVF cycle.

No doubt, at the end of the day, it’s your own choice whether you would like to plan for IVF at the start or want to choose any other infertility treatment. If there’s any confusion on your mind, talk to the infertility doctor about the same.

Are there any other options besides the IVF cycle?

YES! Few of the suggested and most opted options for the couple struggling to conceive on their own are:

  • Started getting low-tech treatments, more IUI cycles
  • Surgical procedures (only if the situation demands or it’s possible)
  • Pursuing adoption
  • Alternative therapies like acupuncture
  • Continuing to try on one’s own
  • Choosing a child-free life

Final word!

IVF is a boon for couples who want to experience the joy of parenthood. You mustn’t lose hope and follow the doctor’s advice

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