Mangha Singh and Jaswinder Kaur Testimonial

Mangha Singh testimonial

It was a hard and we thought that we would end up with nothing. My name is Mangha Singh and my wife is called Jaswinder Kaur, we had spent 15 years in marriage but with no single child. At first, we encouraged ourselves to keep on trying until we can at least have a child of our own. We didn’t know much about infertility and we just thought that there is just a minor problem. We traveled from one place to another, seeing doctors and trying all related medications, but there was no fruit. We heard about Dr. Sofat Sumita and so we traveled from Haryana to Ludhiana to consult from her of what our problem would be.

She examined and diagnosed us and explained what infertility is and how it came about in our lives. There was a problem with my wife for Blocked Fallopian tubes that had to be corrected. We had been having various treatments to help us conceive, but had no idea what we exactly had to treat. All our efforts had run in vain and we had to have a whole new treatment. My wife had a surgery to unblock the Fallopian tubes and we kept on having treatment. It wasn’t easy because we had to keep on having tests performed and treatments had to be taken. IVF became our last solution and it was well performed by the infertility doctor. We now have a baby boy whom we look at and smile throughout the day.

Jaswinder w/o Mangha

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