Expert Answers: Multiple IVF Failure And The Reasons Behind That

What's Your Next Step After Multiple IVF Failure

Nowadays, the most successful artificial reproductive technology is hands down IVF treatment in the Best IVF Centre in Punjab. It is a solution for all couples suffering from fertility issues and unable to conceive a child naturally.

In this process, the doctor stimulates the growth of eggs in your ovaries by injecting some fertilization. After that, they harvest the matured eggs and mix them with the sperm in the laboratory, where the fertilization takes place. After some days, the egg turns into an embryo, and the doctor in an IVF Centre in Punjab transfers it into the womb of the woman for natural childbirth. 

Fail IVF Treatment and What To Do Next?

But what happens when the egg does not attach itself to the uterus for the natural childbirth process? What next?

Most of the time, the couple experience a successful IVF treatment. But there are cases wherein the procedures fail to result in a pregnancy. And to be honest, you might encounter IVF failure many times, and as expected, it will be heartbreaking even to imagine the whole devastating moment. This is more prevalent in the Low Cost Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab, so choose wisely for better results.

Most of the time, when you encounter failure in IVF treatment, it is not easy to understand or consider the next step. There are just so many questions and doubts that lurk in mind, including:

“Is this the end of the dream to get pregnant?”

In this blog, we will talk about some of those doubts for better understanding. 

What Is Multiple IVF Failure?

Multiple IVF failures basically equate to when a couple experiences three or more failed attempts at IVF using good-quality embryos. This term is applicable for any one situation: when you fail to conceive a child and for those who encounter miscarriage in their early pregnancy. 

What Are The Reasons For IVF Fail?

There are a bunch of reasons for an IVF treatment attempt to fail. But not all of them are an end to see the possibility of future success, and not each case is attributed to the mother. These are some reasons why there might be a failure in the IVF treatment on multiple occasions. 

  • Quality of embryo

It is undoubtedly one of the most common reasons for IVF failure. In such a situation, the embryo simply stops developing after some time. That is the reason why when the doctor implants it into the uterus. It is unable to attach itself for further procedure. It mainly happens due to defects in the embryo that the surgeon can not discover. As the embryo is not healthy enough, it loses its chances to grow. 

  • Lifestyle

The same factors of lifestyle that are the leading cause of miscarriage in natural conception are the reasons for IVF failure. Alcohol usage, smoking, poor nutritional value, or being significantly over or under-weight can have a major impact on the IVF treatment and its success rate.