Myths about Pregnancy and Sex

Myths about Pregnancy and Sex

Due to not having proper understanding regarding the pregnancy and sex, it has raised different myths. To make sure, you do not have any problem we have shared some of them in this guide. Keep in mind, to not trust everything you read or hear. Always consult the doctor first as she is the right person.

Given below are the topmost myths regarding the subject of pregnancy and sex:

Myth: I am Breastfeeding so I can’t conceive

Breastfeeding may prevent conception when women are within 6 months of delivery. Additionally, she did not have her period and the baby is only taking breast milk. All these factors need to be met as they form a contraception method. However, ovulation can still occur when women breastfeed. In case, you don’t want to conceive then use birth control.

Myth: Women cannot conceive without orgasm

When the sperm and egg meet, conception occurs. The man needs to ejaculate so that the sperm can enter the woman’s vagina. For women, she doesn’t have to have an orgasm and then conceive. The women releases egg each month which is part of the menstrual cycle, whether the women has an orgasm or sex.

If you have any doubt in your mind then consult out gynae in Punjab right away. In some cases, the couple is not able to conceive naturally and for them, the treatment of IVF is recommended.

Myth: I can’t conceive during safe days

This misunderstanding occurs when there is not a proper understanding of the menstrual cycle. When the egg is not fertilized the menstruation occurs. In some cases, the women’s cycle can be less or more regular at times. Therefore, pinpointing the ovulation and safe days can be difficult. For better understanding, seek medical help.

Myth: I cannot conceive during first sexual intercourse

A woman can conceive any time the ovulation happens, even if you had intercourse for the first time.

Myth: I won’t get pregnant if I clean the vagina with water

After ejaculation, sperm enters the body and there is no way you can clean it. If you do such a thing, it can cause vaginal irritation or infection.

Myth: I cannot get pregnant if I try standing up position

This is a myth, if a woman is on the top the sperm won’t enter the vagina. No matter which position you try during intercourse, there is no link to fertilization. One the sperm enters the body it is in the vagina.

Myth: In place of condom, plastic wrap or balloon can be used

No, this is not possible. Condoms are specifically made for the purpose to provide protection against sex and they are tested to make sure they are highly effective.

If you have any doubts, in your mind then schedule the appointment with the doctor today only!

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