Patient from Mandi (Himachal Pradesh): How they choose the right fertility centre!

Patient from Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) How they choose the right fertility centre!

A brief introduction about myself and my wife From Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)

My name is Dinesh Kumar, and my wife is Manju Kalia. We are originally from Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). It had been 2.5 years of marriage, but we were in no rush to have children (at least for some time).

When did the thought of starting a family pop up?

When we both wanted to have a family of our own, we both started planning, but it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to be. Manju, was not at all showing any symptoms of getting pregnant (despite the fact that we were putting in so much effort). We thought to get ourselves checked, many visits to many hospitals, first we showed to the IVF fertility center in Mandi at my hometown, series of meetings with doctors, followed by innumerable tests, painful injections, and god knows what not! Doctors asked us to keep having tests, we were exhausted (rather, I was, Manju was very brave), when every time the result was coming as negative, we thought to give it a little break.

All of this broke me from inside out (no, not Manju, she has always been a very strong lady), but it was me who needed all the support, and she was there to help me.Since, we were trying for a baby, for some time now, but with no positive results, we thought of changing our location beside changing doctors.

This time around, in a place best ivf centre Punjab, in Ludhiana, one day while catching up on TV, saw Dr. Sumita Sofat’s hospital, and decided that our next doctor would be Dr. Sumita, who gives the Best IVF treatment in India.

Our bags were all packed and off we went to Ludhiana, to meet Dr. Sumita, told her everything, and showed her all the precious tests reports, such a patient lady! I must say! She had a huge queue of patients, to whom she had to attend, but she gave us all the time in the world that she could and again a series of tests, injections started.But, this time it was a different process, some tests along with medicines were also changed.

What was the most stressful point?

  • When we had to go to our second doctor, the first doctor had only broken all the hope that we had.

Where do we stand in our journey of IVF?

  • Now, that all our reports are positive, we are on cloud nine.

What does IVF teach to everyone?

  • You have all the right to ask questions about the treatment to our doctors (after all you are going to get treated; you have all the right to know all the know-how)
  • Ivf is certainly not versatile.
  • Do a bit of research and find a good doctor.

In case I had to go back and change something, what would it be?

  • We would certainly not wait that long.

What did we do to keep stress at bay?

  • We found many interesting articles/ blogs on the net, downloaded numerous applications on our phones, we are very much into yoga, practiced meditation, basically did whatever we could to be happy.

What advice can we give to others going in for IVF?

  • Just relax, join a hobby club, read books, watch movies, just don’t let the curve in your mouth turn upside down.

How is the IVF treatment in India?

  • IVF Success stories rate in India is incredible. It is far better than in other countries
  • IVF cost in Himachal Pradesh, India Is Far better and effective, as compare to other countries.