PCOS: Does PCOS is responsible for overweight and explain the treatment options?

Causes and treatment of overweight due to PCOS

What is PCOS?

PCOS is explained as the hormonal disorder in ladies during their reproductive age. This is the problem which can cause infertility, weight gain or loss, and irregular menstrual cycle. Moreover, this is the condition which can cause due to changes or imbalance in hormones. This is additionally known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome which is associated with small cysts in the outer a layer of enlarged ovaries.

How does PCOS cause Obesity or overweight in females?

PCOS is the condition which can cause higher levels of insulin in the human body. Insulin is that which results in obesity and diabetes in almost every person who is suffering from this condition. Furthermore, inulin does not only result in overweight but also leads to overproduction of androgens in the body. Which are indirectly related to infertility and inability to have a child in women.

Treatment of PCOS

Firstly you should get the examination so that your doctor can examine you and your health. And then go for any type of treatment such as change your eating habits, exercise regularly, and cut down your sugar intake. These are not enough your doctor may prescribe you some oral medications to treat your insulin levels which are additionally responsible for overweight in ladies. These treatments are explained as below include-:

Eat low-fat foods

You must stick to low-fat foods because these are useful to control your sugar levels. Moreover, you should also cut-down your consumption of processed and oily foods because these contain harmful chemicals which are hurt your body system.  You must eat green leafy vegetables, fruits which contain less sugar, and lentils but must ask your doctor first.

Quit smoking or consumption of drugs

If you are regular or passive smoker then you must quit smoking and limit your consumption of liquor. These types of drugs are made with chemicals which can lead to many health problems. If you are unable to quit drugs then you should visit a doctor he will surely suggest you something to limit your drug consumption.

Cut down your sugar consumption

Sugar is the primary cause of higher insulin levels or PCOS. This is the main carbohydrate which affects your body more than other foods. In this, you should limit the consumption of sugary foods so that you can reduce your weight easily.


Exercise plays an imperative role in everyone’s life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must walk for 30 minutes a day so that you can able to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight cannot cause any problem in your life. You can also try some yoga postures at home because Yoga is the Ayurvedic way to reduce weight without any side effect.

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