PCOS & Life Management tricks to obese patients

PCOS & Life Management tricks to obese patients

PCOS has a variety of signs and symptoms and from them with several tests and ultrasounds, a gynae can tell that you have PCOS. It is a condition where female hormones are out of balance and it makes it hard for a woman to conceive. Women with PCOS suffer from many complications starting from excessive hair growth, insulin resistance, acne, anovulation, and above all infertility. The baseline of PCOS is drawn by the presence of male hormones called androgen rather than the female hormones estrogen and progesterone to aid in conceiving.

Diagnostic measures like blood tests are performed and basing on the results, treatment is provided.

PCOS treatment in India

Any woman with PCOS is treated in combination with modifying her lifestyle. This includes her diet, habits, and physical exercises. Lifestyle management of obese patients will require counseling from the doctor. Lifestyle changes and treatments can help a woman with PCOS conceive and as well avoid complications in future.

A doctor should always continue to provide effective counseling to PCOS patients. Some may be willing to go ahead with the treatment and life changes while others may not. There is also a possibility of sliding back to the usual habits which may make PCOS worse. Some of the changes that any PCOS patient must take note of or do are;

Exercising regularly

Regular physical exercises are recommended to be part of an individual’s daily activities. Physical exercises boost fertility and eliminate toxins from the body that are harmful in the long run. Cardiovascular exercises, yoga, regular walks can help in reducing PCOS effects. Any woman desiring a pregnancy can have regular exercises to conceive

Managing stress

Stress is one thing that can be faced on a daily basis, but knowing the right way to deal with it will save your mental and physical health. Stress in woman brings about hormonal imbalances and disturbs the menstrual cycle. It causes delays and increases the chances of anovulation. Women with PCOS must try as much as possible to relax their minds and bodies in order to treat PCOS effectively


Correcting insulin levels in a woman require effective changes in the diet. She has to eat fewer foods containing starches and sugar. Fiber foods are recommended for women with PCOS to correct the insulin levels. Fruits and vegetables can also be of help.

Environmental factors

These include exposure to radiation, pollution, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation that affect eggs production in a woman. Injuries and accidents must also be prevented, for example, the pelvic region and the reproductive system at large

Poor habits

These include smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. Women may resort to this due to stress and problems yet in the actual sense are increasing chances of infertility. Smoking in men also lowers sperm production and also increases infertility

PCOS treatment cost in India

PCOS treatment in India depends on various factors.

Where fertility drugs are used, the cost will depend on whether it is to be taken in the form of injections or tablets. The cost also differs with the type of the drug used such as Dotrophic, Corlova, Choriolife (5000 iu), or Choriolife (2000 iu).

Where a surgery is necessary that is Ovarian drilling, the cost ranges differs depending on different factors. The surgeon, hospital, the time spent at hospital and other related drugs needed

Where IVF treatment is performed, it will cost a couple an additional amount of Rs.2, 00,000.

Fertility drugs can also help a woman conceive naturally if effective treatment is taken along with management tricks.