Plan your pregnancy by choosing the suitable fertility treatment


In this modern world both husband and wife are working as both have their own career dreams and wish to be successful but in this pace of earning and catching success sometimes, couples have to postpone their plan for having the baby. It means that some couples take the decision to delay their babies due to their career and sometimes they want their baby at the time when they will get settled in their life.

Fortunately, many advanced infertility treatments are available that give freedom to women to plan her pregnancy at any time. choose the best suitable treatment option for you to have your dream baby.

Infertility treatment options for you

How to get pregnant - Infertility treatment options for you

There are many kinds of fertility treatments are available thus the couple can choose the best treatment as per the advice of their health provider or gynecologist. Most common treatments are

Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation

It is the Infertility Treatment in which a doctor can use some fertility drugs to induce the ovulation means to help your body to release an egg. The dose of medicines can also be adjusted by the doctor according to the requirement for the release of eggs. In this COH treatment option, hormonal fertility drugs are induced in the ovaries of the females or even can be asked to take orally so that their fertility level can get higher and their frequency of releasing eggs can get higher. This option can also be combined with the treatments like IUI and IVF.


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is also the effective lab-based procedure in which washed sperm of

Male partner is injected in the ovaries of the female partner so that it could penetrate the female egg for fertilization. This treatment is considered an ideal option for the couples who are suffering due to male partner infertility means due to the low quality of sperms.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment is the most effective and revolutionary procedure for planning pregnancy with artificial conception. It is the lab-based procedure in which a female egg is fertilized with male sperm in the cultured dish kept under the controlled conditions of the lab. When the egg gets fertilized in the lab conditions that mimic the mother womb then developed embryo is implanted in the womb back for a successful pregnancy.

It is the advanced procedure by which you could plan your pregnancy at any age as this procedure is also possible with donor eggs, donor sperms or even with donor embryos. It is really a miracle that females with blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, PCOS like conditions can get pregnant at even the age of more than 35. This procedure is also advisable if the male partner is suffering from low sperm count as an advanced technique like ICSI can be combined with IVF for a successful pregnancy and optimized results.

All in all, it is possible today that you could plan your pregnancy so meet your health provider today for your fertility options.

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