Potential Signs that indicates a Fertility Problem

Potential Signs that indicate a Fertility Proble

Fertility problems are becoming very common in both men and women. This means the couple is not able to conceive naturally because of the infertility issue. But, what are the signs which indicate that you are facing the problem of fertility? This guide will give you a thorough understanding of potential signs of infertility.


So, you are wondering what are signs of fertility problems? You have been trying for 6 months or one year to conceive despite unprotected intercourse but not able to conceive. This means you are infertile or your partner or either of them.

In that case, the best treatment is to get IVF because it has a high success rate and helps the women to conceive successfully. When you visit the IVF centre, our fertility doctor is going to look after the signs which include:

  • Menstrual cycle is irregular

Women with irregular menstrual cycles are linked with fertility problems. It might also mean there is an ovulation issue. If the cycle is more than 35 days or less than 24 days then the cycle is irregular.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular or completely absent then it is important to consult the doctor. There are different causes of irregular cycles which include PCOS, low ovarian reserve, thyroid dysfunction, and hyperprolactinemia.

  • Weight

When you are trying to conceive it is very important to keep your body weight stable. The studies have shown that if your weight is not normal then it can trigger fertility problems.

Moreover, if you lose around 5 to 10 percent weight it can solve the problem of ovulation. Men also need to make sure their weight is stable because it can trigger low sperm count.

  • Light or heavy bleeding

Bleeding is around 3 to 7 days which is normal. But, if the bleeding is extremely less or heavy then you need medical attention. If you notice unwanted spotting, change in bleeding cycle, or the bleeding is heavy then issues might indicate you have fertility issues.

  • Age

With age, fertility declines. After the age of 35, the fertility level declines gradually which can make it hard to conceive. After the age of 40, the chances to conceive naturally are around 5%.

Do not worry, when you meet our fertility expert she will diagnose the reason for infertility and give you the best treatment course which works in your favor and helps you get pregnant.

  • Miscarriage Rate

If the women have faced recurrent miscarriage in the past then it can make it difficult to conceive naturally. Miscarriage is not common but it occurs in around 20% cases. In case, you have 2 successive miscarriages then consult the doctor right away.

If you are facing trouble getting pregnant and not able to find the effective solution then book your appointment today only!